Dan Panorama Haifa: Something New is in the Air

BY Dan Magazine   DATE 15/05/2017

Executive Bay View Suite

Executive Bay View Suite

Relaxation and tranquility are the hallmarks of the design of the new executive rooms at the Dan Panorama Haifa. Embrace the ambience.

The modest entrance to the Dan Panorama Haifa belies the experience awaiting guests inside the hotel, which, according to Adi Maor, General Manager Dan Hotels, Northern Region, is “the largest hotel on the coastline from Tel Aviv to Rosh Hanikra.”

Over the years, the hotel, standing 21 stories above the Carmel Ridge, has become one of the notable landmarks of Haifa, commanding a superb 360 degree panoramic view, from the Mediterranean beaches, Haifa Bay, to the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon.

The view was, and still remains the outstanding feature of the Dan Panorama Haifa, but this time attention is directed inward to the design revolution in the 56 executive rooms, to be followed by an additional 110 rooms which will be completed by the end of 2017.

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The hotel was designed in the mid 80’s by Heinz Fenchal, one of the leading architects of the time. In the present renovations we decided to preserve select details from the original design, such as the recurring striped motif found in the corridors and in the rooms, (diagonal lines on the bed panel suggest rays of the sun) and the centrally hung geometric lighting fixture .

“Here are juxtaposed two contrasting concepts”, says Maor. “On the one hand, retro motifs are found in the contemporary design, and on the other hand, the room has rocketed 30 years ahead.”

A Relaxed and Tranquil Ambience

Executive Bay

Executive Bay

“We can say that the new design is not some new trendy fashion that may soon fade, but rather a long term style concept which will be relevant for years to come,” says Maor.” I want to give the guests the feeling that there has been a kind of shake-up.

” When you enter the room you can’t help immediately noticing the dramatic changes. Utilizing symmetric design and a palette of monochromatic shades of grey and white with touches of orange, the Dan Hotel chain team of architects has succeeded in giving the room an innovative look, creating a pleasing ambience of tranquility and relaxation, and the anticipation that your vacation is about to begin.

Alongside the relaxing colors, the furnishings are new and exciting –truly the latest word in interior design: modern contemporary furniture, wooden accents finished in two contrasting shades of veneer, and the soft-closing doors and drawers contribute to the calm and relaxing atmosphere while the repositioning of the bed makes the room seem even more spacious.

Another change, in the spirit of the times, is the safe- now large enough to hold a laptop.
Now three types of LED lights provide the perfect solution for every situation – one concealed behind the curtains, another to bathe the room in a soft and gentle glow, and the third – the focused reading lights. Lithographs by artists Yaakov Agam and Michael Argov, adorn the walls to add the final touch.

The bathroom, renovated separately two years ago, blends harmoniously with the new room displaying sophisticated design features such as: a glass entrance door, hidden LED lighting, a dim night light, and of course a luxurious integrated sink, marble top and mirror.

Another refreshing change: remember the hairdryer attached permanently to the bathroom wall? Well, the dryer has declared its independence and is now found in the cupboard allowing fully flexible use.

A Wonderful and Worthwhile Vacation


Dan Panorama Haifa is the perfect combination of city and resort hotel, offering excellent opportunities for couples or a family holiday.

The hotel is part of the Panorama Center, a beautiful, modern shopping and entertainment center in Haifa. One of Israel’s most sophisticated fitness and sports centers is located in the hotel, and along with the swimming pool is available free of charge to hotel guests.

The lobby and revamped bar overlooking the incredible view of Haifa Bay, offer a rich and varied menu, selection of drinks and a pleasant, warm, and friendly atmosphere.

The location of the hotel, in the heart of the Carmel, above the Panorama Center and opposite the Gan Ha’em Park, offers easy access to coffee bars, restaurants, and high-quality stores.

Additional Haifa attractions are also within walking distance: the Bahai temple, the cinematèque, the renovated Haifa zoo and more. The adjacent Carmelit cable car station facilitates easy access to additional sites in Haifa.

bahá'í gardens

bahá’í gardens

A summer holiday in the hotel is the preferred option for many families, thanks to the reasonable prices, the proximity to attractions many of which are free to hotel guests, and activities provided by the entertainment team all day long, just like Eilat…


Written by  Dan Magazine