Guess Whoױs Coming to Dinner…

BY danhotels   DATE 20/06/2016

Inspired by a homemade dinner in Crete, a trendy and innovative culinary project was born, EatWith׃; a website that connects people who love to cook and entertain with people looking for a different kind of dining experience.

Different kind of dining experience

Different kind of dining experience

That Cretan dinner was an unforgettable experience for Guy Michlin, who, after having dined in ׂtourist trap׃ vacationer restaurants eagerly sought a more interesting way to get acquainted with the local cuisine. His research led him to a local familyױs home, who willingly invited him and his family over for dinner.

The unique experience they had that night ensured that he would never travel and dine the same way again! The meal was excellent and was marked as one of the best meals ever eaten, the chit chat around the table with their hosts was interesting and enriching. Michlin promised his family and himself that on future vacations standard restaurants were out and in order to enjoy a true and intense culinary and social experience, they too would adopt home diner hosting.

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Shortly thereafter the passionate project ׂEatWith׃ was founded and launched by two close friends, Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarz, who shared a common vision; to create an online platform connecting people who love to cook and entertain at home with tourists and travelers seeking a culinary and social experience.

These meetings include something far beyond just a meal,׃ says Michlin, ׂthis is an authentic experience that allows tourists to connect to the local culture through a shared meal with people in their homes, and also get tips that can enhance their vacation.׃ The project developersױ vision targeted an audience of potential tourists, and surprisingly, over a short period of time it became clear that even the locals prefer to experience the unique hospitality offered by ׂEatWith׃ over a conventional meal at any restaurant.

Connect to the local culture through a shared meal with people in their homes

Connect to the local culture through a shared meal with people in their homes

It seems that the world accepted the concept of ׂEatWith׃ with open arms and the project is currently running successfully in over 150 cities in 34 countries around the world with 500 hosts representing over 100 different cuisines. Thousands of other hosts are eager to join the project and are on a waiting list, but only five percent of them will make the final list. They all participate in a careful screening process in which they have to prove their skills not only as great cooks but also as hosts who, thanks to their personality, know how to give guests a unique and enjoyable experience.

How to order?

All the hosts can be found on the home page and are categorized by cities. Each host has a personal page where they present themselves, the menu offered, cost of the meal and the available dates. Reservations and payments are made through a user friendly site and the next step is the meal itself. Judging by the comments on the site, there is no doubt that the combination of home cooking and the atmosphere around the table ensure you an unforgettable experience.

Among Israeli hosts on the ׂEatWith׃ site are ׂHabanot׃ (girls), Keren and Yael. Yael is a pastry chef and Keren is an artist and a cook. Their home is located close to the renowned Carmel Market in Tel Aviv that plays an important part in dictating the menu, which varies according to what you find on the market that day. On the table you will find home-baked breads and specialty spreads, an appetizer of peppers stuffed with fish and herbs, main course of ׂButcherױs Cut׃ strips of beef and the desserts will leave you moaning with pleasure. Alcohol flows freely throughout the meal along with the sea breeze.

Alcohol flows freely throughout the meal

Alcohol flows freely throughout the meal

Another story is about Chanchalױs Indian meal, his motto is ׂFood is art and art is my bread & butter׃. Chanchal is married to an Israeli woman and hosts guests on the roof top of his home in Jaffa, facing the sea. Here you can experience a cooking workshop and Indian meal that includes samosas, green chutney, chapatti, dal and other delicacies from the Indian kitchen. Itױs only natural that he calls his cooking workshop ׂAdd spice to life׃

Alia who also resides in Jaffa offers guests participation in an authentic Arabic cooking workshop and shares with participants the secrets of Arab cuisine that have been passed down from generation to generation in her family. Participants, together with Alia will prepare (and devour) authentic Arabic dishes such as meatballs in tahini, maklubeh, stuffed vegetables, a variety of salads and desserts.


Written by  danhotels