Tourism in Eilat


Dan Eilat Wins 3rd Place in the Middle East & Dan Hotel Excellence Awards

Dan Magazine  20/06/2016

Conde Nast Traveler magazine readers chose the Dan Eilat amongst the five best resort hotels in the Middle East for...

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Tastes and Sounds at Dan Eilat

Dan Magazine  20/06/2016

Guests at the Eilat Chamber Music Festival at the Dan Eilat Hotel , enjoyed quality and diverse music intertwined with...

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Israeli cooks prepare for an Asian food invasion

Dan Magazine  08/03/2016

Asian food in Dan Hotels Cuisine Preparing for an influx of Indian and Chinese guests, the Israel Ministry of Tourism flew...

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the view from Dan Eilat Hotel

The architecture of Dan Eilat / Michael Yakobson

Michael Yakobson  28/02/2016

Dan Eilat’s design remains exactly as it was when the hotel opened in Hanukkah 1995. 21 years have passed, and...

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220x150_gallery _night

Eilat’s Musical Fountain

Dan Magazine  20/10/2015

A new attraction had opened in Eilat – Israel’s largest musical fountain. The Star Wars theme song has never sounded...

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The Sound of Music at the Dan Eilat

Dan Magazine  19/05/2015

The Dan Eilat hotel, whilst hosting the Eilat Chamber Music Festival, honored the occasion by offering guests a hospitality experience...

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Birds Trip to Eilat

Dan Magazine  12/05/2015

At the Ornithological Birdwatching Park in Eilat awaits a unique experience of nature: a fascinating encounter with migratory birds that...

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The Underwater Observatory in Eilat

Hadassah Levy  24/03/2015

The Red Sea is home to more than 1200 species of fish which are not found elsewhere. This diversity is...

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