Tourism in Haifa


A true treasure…

Dan Magazine  26/11/2017

The Otzrot BaHoma (Treasures in the walls) Museum in Ancient Acre: In a historic building hundreds of rare artifacts illustrate...

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Kite Flying in Japan

Dan Magazine  19/11/2017

In Japan the hobby of kite flying has risen to an art form. Forty types of kites are exhibited at...

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Israel – The Land of the Grape

Lee Saunders  30/08/2017

“A good wine is a necessity of life for me,” said Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s founding fathers and the...

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Yalla! Lights Camera Action Roll With Israel’s Film Festivals

Lee Saunders  17/08/2017

“Israel is absolutely fascinating. It is the kind of country where you put your finger on a windowsill and you...

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GALLERY_stripCarmel sea pool view

Haifa – The city that thrives with diversity

Lee Saunders  28/05/2017

“Climb mountains, – not so that the world can see you, but so you can see the world.” Never is...

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Dan Panorama Haifa: Something New is in the Air

Dan Magazine  15/05/2017

Relaxation and tranquility are the hallmarks of the design of the new executive rooms at the Dan Panorama Haifa. Embrace...

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Feasting in the Galilee with The Druze

MIRIAM KRESH  02/08/2016

Druze communities have lived in northern Israel for centuries. They keep their religion secret, but historically, we know it’s a...

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Haifa for Vintage lovers

BlogsRelease  29/03/2016

Characterized by a somewhat dated style, quite a few joyful surprises are in store for vintage lovers in Haifa’s downtown,...

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