3 Unforgettable Days in Tel Aviv

Lee Saunders 15/06/2023

Featuring kilometers of beautiful Mediterranean beaches, 300+ sunny days a year, top-shelf cuisine, internationally recognized museums, architecture, art, and welcoming locals, Tel Aviv is not like any other city on the planet.

Yet, there’s so much more to absorb in this city that never sleeps! An exciting art scene, internationally renowned architecture, top notch restaurants and bars, as well as friendly locals, excellent transport links and more.

With so many urban adventures at your feet, deciding which attractions to visit, and in what order, can be a tall order. That’s where this 3-day Tel Aviv itinerary comes in handy.

We came up with a schedule so you capture the essential sites, tastes, sounds and more, and while there’s always more to discover, these three days in Tel Aviv will cover historical sites, breathtaking views, award winning architecture, art, cuisine, and more.

And don’t worry, we’ve included some time to appreciate the magnificent vistas afforded by the city’s enviable climate and prime location stretching up the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

Featuring one attraction planned for each morning, one for the afternoon, as well as dining and drinking recommendations, there’s also plenty of time for you to pick up some one-of-a-kind souvenirs, or to explore on your own as well.


With around a half-million residents, Tel Aviv is Israel’s second largest city, after Jerusalem. And while the archeology-rich capital is about an hour’s drive away, Tel Aviv’s inclusive and relaxed vibes are among the biggest draws to the city.

Tel Aviv Itinerary 3 days

AM: Old Port Jaffa

Built on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean, the narrow streets and cobblestone alleyways of Jaffa are packed with cool art galleries, fantastic shops, as well as Ottoman-era attractions including the Clock Tower and St. Peter’s Church. Walking around the old Jaffa district lets you smell, feel, and taste the sea salt floating in the air, just as it has for more than 3,000 years!

While watching the waves lapping against the Jaffa coastline, be sure to admire the panoramic view of modern Tel Aviv that continues when you glance northward. You’ll even be able to make out a variety of landmarks including the iconic rainbow façade of the Dan Hotel Tel Aviv.

LUNCH: Hummus Abu Hassan, Ha-Dolfin Street 1
Featuring what many believe to be the best hummus in the world, Hummus Abu Hassan is an excellent choice for a fresh bite at lunchtime. The food is tasty, the staff are friendly, and the prices here are budget friendly, with an average meal price of 25-45 NIS.

PM: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Sderot Sha’ul HaMelech 27
The afternoon adventure shifts you from Jaffa’s ancient maritime port to a more modern location at Tel Aviv’s Museum of Art, where you’ll see many pieces by Picasso, Matisse, Monet, and other impressionist masters. And, thanks to some impressive architecture, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is worth a stop even if you’re not the biggest fan of classical art. In addition, the same city block also houses both The Israeli Opera and The Cameri Theatre.

EVENING: 12 Bar, Hangar 12, Tel Aviv Port
Head out to the Tel Aviv Port, known as the “Namal”, for a nightcap at one of the hidden gems of the city, overlooking the sea. Take a leisurely stroll around the Tel Aviv Port, listening as the waves break, and enjoy peoplewatching among the city’s international residents and visitors.

AM: Neve Tzedek

Established by several Sephardi Jewish families in the late 19th century, Neve Tzedek was the first Tel Aviv neighborhood to fall outside of Jaffa’s city walls. The proximity to the city, the port, and the refreshing breeze blowing in from the sea make this part of the city a delight to enjoy while you’re strolling around. You’ll encounter boutique shops, galleries, cafes, and restaurants and some tasteful street art decorating this neighborhood’s walls.

LUNCH: Suzana, Shabazi St. 9
Pop in for an excellent Israeli lunch at the Suzana. Located just a few minutes’ walk away from the Dan Panorama Tel Aviv, this is a popular spot for a wide range of Israeli cuisine.

PM: Tel Aviv Promenade
Running from the old Jaffa port in the south to the Namal in the north is the popular beachfront promenade and boardwalk. Called the “tayelet” in Hebrew, this is an absolute must-see attraction. There are many coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and bakeries available along the route. In addition, there are also public restrooms, water fountains, and nicely shaded spots to enjoy as you stroll past games of matkot (popular local bat and ball game) and volleyball.

EVENING: Clavis Club, Herzl St 4
While much of Tel Aviv’s classic works of art are kept securely inside the city’s museums, there’s also a wealth of modern art up for viewing along the outside of buildings. Many of the buildings in this trendy, hipster-friendly district known as Florentin are covered with murals and other graffiti-style art pieces. The Clavis Club makes what many consider to be the finest cocktails in the city and is the perfect place to wind down and reflect after a busy day of sightseeing.

Day 3:
AM: Tatti, Rothschild Blvd. 78

No visit to Tel Aviv can ever really be complete without at least one stroll down the famous ficus and poinciana tree-lined boulevard. Start your final morning in Tel Aviv by grabbing a delicious artisan coffee and pastry from Tatti, before making your way up to one of the most buzzing Sheinkin Street, popping into one of the popular independent coffee shops.

Lunch: Kedem, Nakhali’el St. 28
An outstanding spot for both Israeli cuisine as well as excellent people-watching, Kedem’s popularity has spread far and wide. The restaurant is located near the Carmel Market, an absolute must-see for the human interactions as the foods, spices and clothes on offer.

PM: Bialik Street
Once you’ve finished up lunch and a trip through the landmark Carmel market, make your way up to nearby Bialik Square. Take some pictures and memories of the stark white Bauhaus and other architecturally stunning buildings.

As the Bauhaus movement began in Germany, with a far different climate from Tel Aviv, when the original builders and architects began working, they also needed to make some adaptations. The buildings were painted white to reflect the sun’s most powerful rays, while windows were made smaller and the walls much thicker than standard to keep as much of the heat away as possible.

In addition to fascinating architecture, you’ll also get to enjoy some interesting smaller museums, such as the restored home and library of Chaim Nachman Bialik (1873-1934), Israel’s national poet. Finally, be sure to allocate enough time to make it back to the promenade for a cocktail to round off the final stop of your Tel Aviv itinerary over the past 3 days.

Where to Stay in Tel Aviv?
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