The best Shopping Experience in Tel Aviv

Lee Saunders 20/06/2022

A guide to the best places to shop in Tel Aviv

For some, shopping is an art; for others, it’s a sport. In Tel Aviv, it is an experience. In addition to the markets dotted around the city, Tel Aviv’s shopping scene is constantly growing. Set against the challenges of the pandemic, the city has bounced back. From high-end shopping malls to local streets with unique boutiques, there is a shopping experience for all tastes and budgets.

The iconic Azrieli Mall looms large.
Just 10 minutes on foot from the Link Hotel & Hub, one of three Dan Hotels in Tel Aviv, is the Azrieli Mall, one of the most popular shopping meccas in Tel Aviv. Meander through three floors of more than 150 stores, including Israeli retail chains, toy shops, cosmetics, and electronics stores, stopping off to refuel at any of the 30 restaurants in the Food Hall. Take the elevator up to the 46th floor of the Round tower, one of the three iconic skyscrapers, for a panoramic view of Tel Aviv and the surrounding area.

One of Tel Aviv’s central fixtures is the Dizengoff Center, Israel’s first mall that opened in 1977. Straddling both sides of Dizengoff Street, and connected by skywalks, take your time exploring this multistorey shopping experience – where you can visit over 400 stores, including specialty shops offering comic books, posters, video games and gadgets – and savor the food fair on the ground floor every Friday. Put the shopping bags down and take in a movie at the Lev Dizengoff cinema or head up to the roof to witness the mesmerizing urban sustainability center, filled with a butterfly garden and beehives.
If Dizengoff is the oldest mall, TLV Fashion Mall is one of the newest around, situated in the triangle formed by Hahashmonaim, Carlebach and Menachem Begin Streets, close to all of Tel Aviv’s cultural institutions and in the heart of the city. Countless high fashion brands, including high-end designer wear by Calvin Klein, Armani and Hugo Boss, rub shoulders alongside independent and flagship stores selling local designers.

Sarona Market – Tel Aviv’s stylish shopping complex
A short walk across from Azrieli Mall is Sarona Market, the largest enclosed culinary market in Israel since it opened in 2015. On the southerly edge of the city’s ancient Templar Colony, this area today boasts high-end shops, outlets and fashion stores – such as L’Occitane, idigital store, SOHO Outlet and Story Sarona – surrounded by playgrounds for children. Meanwhile, i nside, dozens of stores invite you to sample and buy gourmet products, such as local wines, boutique beers, and halva – a flaky, tahini-based confectionary.

Unique Gifts at Nachalat Binyamin market
You should check out the famous Sheinkin Street, which contains some of the most popular and trendiest stores, such as the chic Belle & Sue, one of Israel’s first online retailers and colorful brands from Sweden, Denmark, and many others. Just to the west, and in central Tel Aviv, though, is the Nachalat Binyamin Art Fair, one of the biggest in Israel and certainly one of the oldest since it was established in 1988. Set against a backdrop of many historical buildings adorned in fascinating street art, this is one of Tel Aviv’s magical shopping experiences. Open every Tuesday and Friday, there are more than 200 stalls that showcase art and handmade products, including paintings, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, glass, puppets, toys, games and Judaica.

Bargains at Tel Aviv’s Port; Boutiques in Neve Tzedek
At both ends of the long Tel Aviv promenade are two of the best places to shop in Tel Aviv. At the northern end of the city, the Namal (Hebrew for Port) is a vibrant boardwalk for tourists and locals alike. With retail outlets casting an eye towards the Mediterranean, this is a terrific spot to buy sportswear, home decor and electronics. At the other end of Tel Aviv, close to the Dan Panorama Tel Aviv, there is the quaint neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, awash with old homes, galleries and high-end shops with international brands. Among them, don’t miss Numéro 13, a concept store showcasing clothes by European designers and home décor, and also pay a visit to Fine Lab which sells clothes and home accessories.