Recommended Breakfasts in Tel Aviv

BY danhotels   DATE 20/02/2022

The restaurant business is starting to pick up in Israel following the lengthy Covid-19 restrictions, and many of Tel Aviv’s and the center’s population misses the wonderful breakfasts and brunches that used to be so common in the city. Over the past few months the city’s restaurants are now once again offering rich, inviting breakfasts. What do we recommend in Tel Aviv? Here are three eateries that you’ve just got to visit as soon as you can!

Café 99

Café 99 is located in the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel and recently launched its new breakfast menu, opening its doors to everyone. The café integrates a boulangerie bar and patisserie. Looking for a top breakfast spot in Tel Aviv? Without a doubt, café 99 is the place to be.

This well-appointed restaurant is in the prestigious Dan Hotel Tel Aviv right near the sea, and Chef Oved Alafia has just launched its brand new breakfast menu. The restaurant offers a richly diverse menu, based on contemporary and original culinary choices from the eclectic kitchen garnished by touches of our unique Israeli culinary culture. Café 99’s focus is on the freshest and highest quality local raw materials. Breakfast includes the boulangerie bar and patisserie, with starters and main courses. Enjoy seating that faces the sea’s stunning hues of blue.

The menu includes Eggs Benedict, boutique cheeses, aubergine on the grill served with tehina and green zhoug, tzatziki, Caesar salad, fresh market salad, Iraqi green fritters, a wide variety of freshly baked bread, and more.

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Café 99. Open to everyone Sunday – Friday 8 am to 11 am

Beit Kandinof. Culinary Artistry and the Arts

Beit Kandinof is located in an old, beautiful building at the entrance to ancient Yafo, and houses a typically Yafo Tel Aviv style restaurant renowned for its menu’s originality. Dishes use local and seasonal raw materials. The restaurant blends the culinary arts with works of art, the stylized space exhibiting stunning original pieces hung on the restaurant’s walls. Displays are periodically changed.

If you’re looking for a recommended breakfast in Tel Aviv, then brunch at Kandinof should be high on your list. The restaurant is buzzing again now that the various pandemic restrictions have been lightened, and it’s offering a fabulous breakfast along with a range of tasters.

Beit Kandinof’s breakfast menu includes main courses such as Eggs Benedict, toasted brioche, spinach and parmesan fondue with poached egg, tortellini with mangold, grilled aubergine joshpara with ricotta, and yogurt dressing with dried mint, freshly netted fish with crème fraiche, and no small number of starters and tasters.

After breakfast stroll through the building to enjoy the artwork, and enjoy the wonderful weather as you wander old Yafo’s alleys, the port, its art galleries, and the various attractions offered by Yafo Tel Aviv.

Address: 14 Hatzorfim Street, Yafo

Café Europa

Brunch is back and it’s a big star once again in Tel Aviv. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience the delicious breakfast at Café Europa. Located in a small and very charming building on Rothschild Boulevard, you can now also enjoy sitting in its well-groomed courtyard. Chef Yarden Shai is responsible for the wonderful breakfasts and brunches: she’s the red headed half of Oshri and Yarden, recently starring in MKR, the winning kitchen.

Café Europa’s breakfast menu includes original dishes such as panna cotta yogurt, tomato confit with granola, squash in oranges, olive oil and Stilton cheese, beets in salt with grilled pears and Buche, mango gazpacho sashimi, and home made bresaola with mustard and gherkins. In addition to these unique offerings you can also try the classics such as poached eggs with potato salad, arugula aioli and smoked trout, shrimps in brown butter and aioli on brioche, crèmed asparagus peas, and other delicious items.

The menu is accompanied by a rich alcohol list, offering a diverse array including Bloody Mary, Espresso Martini, Spritz, and many others.

Address: 9 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

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