Half Board Hotels in Eilat

BY dore   DATE 16/03/2021

Looking for half board hotels in Eilat? What exactly is half board and who is it suited for? Which Dan Hotel chain hotels in Eilat offer half board deals? This and more in the following article.

Once and for all – what exactly does half board mean?  

The terminology of the tourism and vacation world can be confusing. There are various concepts familiar to professionals but less known to the general public. Quite a few Israelis book half board hotels in Eilat without understanding what the package includes. This is why it is important to make sense of the terms and understand what half board means.

In general, the conditions of the service you will receive during a vacation in Eilat are indicated on the package you book. The service terms are specified on the coupon in English letters. The options are:

BB (Bed and Breakfast) – a regular deal that includes night lodging and breakfast the following day. Additional meals at the hotel are charged separately.

HB (Half Board) – the deal you booked includes night lodging, breakfast and an additional meal (lunch or dinner depending on the deal).

FB (Full Board) – a deal that includes night lodging and three meals a day.

AI (All Inclusive) – the deal includes full board, and besides night lodging and three meals a day the guest enjoys numerous amenities, free use of most hotel facilities, food and beverages at the pool and in the lobby and more, and all at no extra charge.


Half board Eilat deals – what do they include?

Half board hotels in Eilat offer lodging, breakfast and an additional meal, either lunch or dinner. Some hotels offer half board deals that only include breakfast and dinner, since the hotel does not operate the dining hall for lunch. Make sure to check this in advance.

Half board deals in Eilat are considered worthwhile deals for families and romantic couples. There are vacationers for whom a rich Israeli breakfast, a filling and pampering dinner, and sandwiches, fruit, etc. or going to a good restaurant for lunch is enough. A half board deal ensures saving on vacation expenses so you can spend all day at the hotel and its facilities without having to leave the hotel and encounter the heavy heat in order to find a restaurant or a café.

Half board Eilat deals

Dan Hotels chain hotels in Eilat offer a unique hospitality experience and a heavenly vacation. To maximize your enjoyment of a vacation in Eilat look for half board deals offered by Dan Hotels in Eilat.

On the official Dan Hotels website you will find a variety of half board deals offered at all Dan Hotel Chain hotels in the southern tourist city. There are special deals for summer vacations at Dan Hotels in Eilat, attractive deals for a winter vacation in the southern city, excellent deals for the High Holidays and Passover, and if you are an e-Dan club member you can enjoy special deals at all Dan Hotels chain hotels in Eilat.

Among the most attractive and worthwhile Dan Hotels deals in Eilat you will find a deal that offers a 20% discount during 2020, except for the High Holidays. You can also select royal packages and exclusive packages for an additional NIS 120 and NIS 170, respectively. These are especially worthwhile and pampering packages that include a bottle of quality wine, a bottle of water, pampering bathrobes, slippers and a wide range of additional amenities for your perfect dream vacation.

Half board Dan hotels in Eilat

The Dan Hotels chain operates 3 quality hotels in Eilat, among them two popular luxury hotels: Dan Eilat and Dan Panorama Eilat. Worthwhile half board deals can be booked in all Dan Hotels in Eilat, including the Neptune Hotel located at the center of the famous promenade.

So if you’re looking for worthwhile half board deals and bargains in Eilat book a vacation package in any of the Dan Hotels chain hotels in Eilat. The Dan Eilat hotel is located on the north shore and offers a luxury and unique hospitality experience, a central location, an exciting culinary experience, three swimming pools, a spa center, fitness room and additional facilities.

Dan Panorama Eilat is located near the lagoon in the north shore area. This luxury hotel is also suitable for families and offers a range of advanced vacation facilities, an assured culinary experience, a large swimming pool, pampering spa center, fitness room, view of the sea and many additional advantages.

All Dan Hotels chain hotels in Eilat offer a half board deal so you can enjoy a wonderful vacation at a quality hotel, an exciting and unique culinary experience and full value for your money.

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