Culinary Tours in Haifa – Flavours of The Wadi

Dan Magazine 07/06/2018

The culinary tours from Wadi Nisnas to Haifa’s Downtown area, provide an opportunity to experience one of the true examples of multicultural co-existence.

One of Haifa’s most prominent features is the unique coexistence of Jews and Arabs,  which is expressed in many ways. Wadi Nisnas market is probably the best place to illustrate the shared life through people, aromas and flavours. Wadi Nisnas market, which has been active since the British Mandate, offers food lovers an abundant world of flavors and experiences. The tour, sponsored by the Haifa Tourist Association, is led by Erez Golko, a local chef who is one of the ’EatWith’ hosts. The tour guides participants to special and authentic venues providing them with an opportunity to meet the people behind the flavours and hear their personal and professional stories.


Wadi Nisnas market- Abundant world of flavors and experiences

Wadi Nisnas market provides Erez Golko with great inspiration for the Mediterranean style meals he serves from his home, overlooking Haifa port. As part of the tour, he shares his market experience and his knowledge of the special local raw ingredients that the wadi has to offer, with the participants. The cheese used in knafeh, the fresh vegetables, watercress, mallow, fresh hyssop, sage and more.

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“I am happy to invite you to join me on a tour of the local roads and side lanes that I visit to draw inspiration for my work in the kitchen. Starting at Wadi Nisnas and ending in Downtown Haifa, we will visit significant culinary attractions that characterize Haifa, which have existed for generations. The tours emphasizes the special coexistence that symbolized the city and its residents”, says Golko as he warmly greets tour participants.

Halva from Nablus and Cheese from Turkey
The Haifa Coffee Roasting House is a small shop that can only be found by following the rich aroma of coffee. The shop takes visitors back to the beginning of the century, as it still uses an ancient coffee roasting and grinding machine. In addition to the special blends of coffee, you will find olive oil, hyssop, Halva from Nablus, and a traditional candy bar made of carob honey, dates, pistachios, almonds and walnuts.


A traditional candy jelly roll bar, made of Pistachios, Almonds & Walnuts

Falafel Ha’zkenim welcomes visitors with a hot Falafel ball dipped in Tahini. The eatery, (meaning ‘The Old People’s Falafel) received its name from two men who managed the place in the past. The new management have preserved not just the unique name but also the reputation and taste of the traditional Falafel.

Suidan Deli is owned by a family of long-time spice merchants and the wide range of food and beverages sold here are imported from all over the world and are the dream of every food lover. A rich selection of wines and spirits, a variety of special cheeses including Brinza  goat cheese and Turkish Tulum cheese, scrumptious Halva, high quality spices, unique delicacies and of course, the homemade vine leaves, stuffed and cooked by the local women.


Coexistence through culinary attractions: Scrumptious Halva & traditional hot Falafel dipped in Tahini inside Pitta

Abed El-Hadi is renowned for its excellent Knafeh, selection of cookies and baklava filled with pistachios or nuts, goat cheese or cinnamon. The shop is famous for its small profiteroles, filled with orchid cream and dipped in rose water. Perfect to eat at home with a cup of mint tea or Turkish coffee….or anywhere else you choose!

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Hummus Fadi, located in Downtown Haifa, is famous for its delicious homemade pitta bread and smooth textured hummus that comes in a variety of versions. Hummus with chickpeas garnished with chopped parsley and olive oil, ‘Masabacha’, hummus with Fava beans, ‘Mashausha’  and hummus with meat. All dishes are made by renowned Haifa chef, Fadi Karaman who decided to invest all his energy and talent in preparing excellent hummus.


Chef Erez Golko shares his market experience and his knowledge of the special local raw ingredients

“Each tour is unique”, promises Golko, “together we will wander to wherever the aromas lead us.”
For more information: The Haifa Tourism Association, 1800-30-50-90,
For private tours in English: Erez Golko, Tel. 052-3777955

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