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BY Dan Magazine   DATE 12/03/2015

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A comprehensive renovation of a group of rooms at the Dan Panorama hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem promises a hospitality experience at another level.


At Dan Hotels, they don’t rest for a moment. The hospitality experience is being upgraded in accordance with the highest standards adopted by the chain. Each of the 16 hotels in Israel has been examined with a magnifying glass, and has undergone an appropriate series of renovations and architectural changes. We are not talking here about ongoing maintenance, but an ongoing aspiration to imbue the hotel with contemporary spirit and to add the very lat-est touch in every possible sense – planning, design and technology.

And now, the Dan Panorama hotels in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv: two fabulous hotels that enjoy high occupancy rates, many returning guests and attractive locations. The hotel in Tel Aviv is close to the seashore, the Tachana complex, Old Jaffa and the Carmel Market, while its Jerusalem counterpart is within walking distance of the walls of the Old City, Mamilla Boulevard, Nahalat Shiva and the city center. Each maintains a unique character and style of its own, expressed in the design concept chosen for the reno-vation. Yet the renovations of both the hotels also express the overriding philosophy of the Dan Hotels chain, and the leading trends in the hotel industry.

Every Hotel and Its Unique Character

As mentioned, alongside the renovations common to both hotels, each also features certain emphases in design and planning that are precisely suited to the target market, the urban environment, and the ambience that characterizes each hotel.


Bathroom: 7 out of 10 guests rate the bathroom first in their list of priorities. Therefore, extensive thought was invested in the planning and design of the perfect bath-room, down to the finest detail: sanitary fittings, tiles, and various accessories were meticulously selected to corre-spond with each other in a unified design language and to serve one central goal – to provide guests with the perfect pampering experience that meets their expectations.


Climate control: The renovations have resolved an ongoing and complicated issue: room temperature. It is difficult to satisfy all guests – it is either too hot for one guest, or too cold for another. The existing system has been replaced with an innovative 4 PIPES system that enables simultaneous cooling and heating and upgrades the climate control of the guestroom to the satisfaction of all guests.

Family accommodation: ‘Family Units’ is a new, inno-vative concept that has been implemented for the first time and has generated much interest. Family Units are suitable for 2 adults and 2 children, providing a solution for families that prefer a single, central entrance, rather than accommodation in separate, adjacent guestrooms.

Accessibility: According to the recommendations provided by an expert accessibility consultant, a range of guestrooms for guests with disabilities were planned, some of which have a connecting door to the carer’s adjacent room. Renovations to the hotel’s public spaces were also conducted in order to enable maximum convenience for guests with special needs, and to transform the hotel into a “full-access” hotel in every sense of the word.

The Dan Panorama Tel Aviv, renowned as an out-standing business hotel, is proud of its unique design suited to the specific needs of business guests, such as the business lounge on the 18th floor and its luxurious, inti-mate conference room. Chen Michaeli, General Manager for the past nine years, has guided the renovations throughout their entire history, beginning in 2005 with the upgrade of the four top floors, including the Executive Suites located on those floors. In 2010, the entrance levels and lobby were renovated, and this year, the turn came for.


Design that incorporates the worlds of old and new

The design concept, developed by the Hollin + Radoske architectural firm in Frankfurt, combines old and new, and gives the renovated rooms a one-of-a-kind character: it draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Jerusalem, and from the city’s magnificent past, whose enchantment has not waned over time, yet with a definite nod to the modern world and con-temporary style. Various ornaments featuring historic character, translated into a modern language, have been implemented as a decorative motif that repeats on the walls, furnishings, and more. One of the most original and outstanding elements of the rooms is the beautiful wall plates that tell the story of Jerusalem throughout the ages. The light colors correspond with all the other elements of the room, and together with the veneer furniture, complete the picture and create a warm, pleasant and magical atmosphere, with a unique Jerusalem flavor.

renovations of floors 5 to 8, currently underway. According to Michaeli, aside from the structural frame, nothing will remain as it was. The rooms are now being upgraded to Deluxe Plus rooms, a name that best expresses the revolu-tion in design and the high standards that will transform a stay at the hotel to a hospitality experience at an entirely new level.

The thought processes behind every detail in the planning also included the trend towards ‘green’: in the new rooms, an occupancy sensor has been installed for automatic operation of lighting, an advanced tech-nological solution combining convenience and energy savings, and along the way, enables guests who observe the Sabbath to enjoy their holiday according to the Jewish law.

As a part of the vacation experience, the guests of the Dan Panorama Tel Aviv are invited to enjoy the Health & Spa complex that was recently upgraded, including the well-equipped fitness room and large swimming pool that has been refurbished in time for the swimming season. The pool area was resurfaced with a safe, aesthetic faux deck-ing material, and new flora offers a fun, summery look. All that’s left to do is jump into the pool or recline on the tanning beds with a cool, refreshing drink, and enjoy the wonderful Tel Aviv summer…

The Dan Panorama Jerusalem offers not just the clear mountain air of Jerusalem, but also the unique atmo-sphere and character of the city. The lobby is designed in dark shades of black and red, and here each guest can find a quiet, intimate corner of his or her own. The superb design faithfully reflects the significant investment and comprehensive renovation that was carried out a few years ago, which also included an upgrade of the central dining hall, followed by renovations of all the other public spaces.

New Rooms to stay in israel

After the current renovation, 130 guestrooms joined the honorary category of Deluxe, including 30 family units. According to General Manager Dubi Rakia, this change will be a “definite success” in light of the expected demand for the suites.

Guests of the hotel will enjoy a business lounge overlook-ing the Old City, a fitness room with advanced equipment, and a fully-refurbished swimming pool on the hotel rooftop, sur-rounded by a transparent glass fence that enables a perfect view of the magnificent Jerusalem cityscape.

Today, more than ever, the Dan Panorama Jerusalem is the natural choice for family vacations, romantic get-aways or business travel, with the highest service and hos-pitality level that is the pride of Dan Hotels, together with the chain’s distinct advantage – value for money – that enables it to enjoy the highest occupancy rates.

After the renovations, the Dan Panorama Hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are now preparing to present to you design and planning according to the highest interna-tional standards – alongside excellent service and unique advantages that have made the Dan Hotels chain the first place winner for customer satisfaction for the eighth year in a row.

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