Inspired by the Sea

BY Dan Magazine   DATE 15/05/2017

The momentum of renewal at the Dan Accadia, Herzliya is in full swing. Rooms, suites and the hotel’s public areas have just undergone massive renovations, redesigned in colors inspired by the hues of the sea.

Located on the Herzliya coast, the Dan Accadia, one of our flagship hotels, stands out thanks to its unique character. The home-style look of the building with its red-shingled roof, designed by Architect Joseph Wittkower in the 1950s, emphasizes its presence as an oasis of tranquility within the teeming urban setting of Herzliya’s shoreline and high-tech district.


From the day it opened its doors, the Dan Accadia has combined vacation and business, and has now set new standards for luxury Israeli properties. It has always found ways to upgrade and improve in order to maintain its status as one of the most exciting, pampering hotels in the entire Middle East.

As part of this recent upgrade momentum and in preparation for this Passover, 117 of the hotel’s rooms and suites have been completely refurbished, as were the public areas. It was a project of immense proportions, as far as hotels go.

The complex logistics for the renovations were supervised by Dan Accadia General Manager Dubi Rakia, who carefully monitored the progress of renovations in the main building while also taking care to isolate the hotel’s other wings, so that guest could still enjoy the ideal, undisturbed stay they have come to expect.

Upgrading the Hospitality Experience


“After we had renovated our Garden rooms, it was time to deal with the different types of accommodation options in our main building – the Herzliya, Deluxe and Family rooms, and the suites too, each with a sea view,” Dubi Rakia says.

“This was not just a ‘cosmetic’ change – the rooms were stripped right down to the concrete. We replaced and/or added air-con systems, constructed new, fully equipped bathrooms, applying innovative design concepts that upgrade the hospitality experience, such as a bathroom outfitted with a large window overlooking the sea, to heighten the sense of space in the room.”

Along with the dramatic architectural changes, the rooms were reequipped with new elements such as a bar unit complete with an espresso machine and a mini-bar, and a high-quality bed to pamper guests with a tranquil night’s sleep. Deluxe rooms feature an additional, convertible sleeping unit that can sleep an extra guest in maximum comfort.

While turning to the most cutting-edge innovations in the world of interior design, the Dan Accadia has also gone to great lengths to preserve its past heritage, maintaining its unique sandstone wall covering, on the one hand, one of the hotel’s trademark images, which continues to adorn the corridor walls.

On the other hand, communications technology was taken to the next level, as part of the upgrade, and Wi-Fi will be available in all rooms and suites, via Access Point, offering guests a distinct and important advantage – business guests too, many of whom have adopted the Dan Accadia as their second home.

Three Spaces – One Harmony


The Yaron Tal studio, which specializes in open spaces, was put in charge of the architectural design of three public spaces – the dining room and the Nof Yam and Exodus event halls.

“Until now these spaces were all rather ‘heavy’. Everything was turned inward”, says Tal, “Our goal was to open up the space to the sea, in terms of the materials, the atmosphere and the furnishings.

The idea was to lighten everything up and create a new architecture for a new space, well-lit, youthful, Mediterranean. The new west-facing windows now offer a spectacular sea view. The marine motif is highlighted in the carpets that were specially printed in Belgium with a design exclusive to the Dan Accadia.

The furniture combines wood and metal in shades of sand, gold and turquoise. Smart LED lighting is synchronized with the sunset to create the best possible combination of natural and artificial light. Even though each of the spaces has its own particular character, all three exude a shared harmony.”

Hotel guests can now enjoy their meals in the more youthful, modern décor of the dining rooms. The dining halls’ new equipment is considered state-of-the-art, with the world’s most advanced refrigerated and chilled server buffets, chef’s stations where food is prepared in front of diners and a barista station where guests are treated to high-quality coffee.

It is worth noting in this regard, that the Dan Accadia staff took first place in the Dan Hotels barista competition.


Summer at Dan Accadia

Many guests of Dan Accadia – tourists in particular – are return customers from Britain, France, Switzerland and America, people who come to enjoy a wonderful summer holiday that is a blend of sun, fun and sports.

There’s nothing quite like the experience of going for a swim in the hotel pool (surrounded by a wood-covered suntan area and pleasing rest areas), or heading down to the well-kempt beach adjacent to the hotel, for a dip in the sea. For sports-loving guests, the Dan Accadia offers six flood-lit tennis courts, while guests on the lookout for pampering are sure to appreciate the Accadia Spa with its assortment of health treatments and relaxing massages.

And there is Danyland, the children’s club, for the Dan Accadia’s younger guests, which features a variety of computer and other electronic games, and a wealth of activities and challenges, overseen by professional counselors – a wonderful experience for the kids, while their parents enjoy some peace and quiet.


Written by  Dan Magazine