Accad Wine Bar at Dan Accadia Herzilya

BY Dan Magazine   DATE 19/11/2017

Accad, the new wine bar at the Dan Accadia hotel, is the perfect setting for a delightful evening with a glass of wine and tasty specialties which complement every sip.


“Accad”, the wine bar at the Dan Accadia hotel

A new experience for wine buffs: the Dan Hotel chain has opened an Israeli wine bar at the Dan Accadia hotel on the Herzlia seashore. The hotel bar, refurbished and upgraded while preserving its unique design, has reemerged as a wine bar offering a selection of Israeli wines alongside a menu of dishes crafted to be the perfect complement to wine.

The wine menu offers a wide selection of Israeli wines carefully chosen in consultation with Gal Zohar, wine consultant and author of the Guide to Israeli Wines. To diversify the tasting experience, a wine tasting list offers half glasses at a surprising price: two wines for ILS 59, a triple wine tasting for ILS 87, and a quartet of wines for ILS 111.

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The wine bar menu also includes spirits and alcoholic beverages made solely from grapes (brandy, cognac, grappa etc.), produced by Israeli boutique distilleries, all highly praised in Israel and elsewhere.


Sea fish fillet with cream of asparagus and pea & mini hamburger

As for the appetizers, you will find special dishes prepared by hotel chef Golan Israeli, including: bruschetta with a selection of toppings – tomatoes and chili, grilled peppers with garlic confit and Kalamata tapenade, herring with saffron aioli, or beef fillet with shallots and mustard aioli. If the sea view triggers a yearning for fresh fish, you can enjoy sea fish fillet with cream of asparagus and pea, or smoked and pickled gravlax. If red wine is your choice, team it up with mini hamburgers with various toppings or a platter of choice cold cuts.

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The focus on Israeli wines is a trend led by Mr Haim Spiegel, Food and Beverage Manager of the chain, to promote Israeli wines in the Dan Hotels. “The great wines produced in Israel are nothing to be ashamed of…in fact quite the opposite. We can be proud of the variety of boutique wines and the choice of wines which are suited to the hot Israeli climate.”


Bruschetta with a selection of toppings

The Accad wine bar is also open to the wider public – the hotel sommelier and bartenders will be happy to be of assistance, with professional recommendations to find the rights for you to indulgence in a perfect ambience.

Written by  Dan Magazine