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Top 10 hidden pleasures of Tel Aviv- Part 2

Joel Haber  01/07/2015

After exploring Tel Aviv’s diverse neighborhoods, markets, nature and art, via Part 1 of this TLV Top 10 list, this...

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Top 10 hidden pleasures of Tel Aviv

Joel Haber  25/06/2015

Many refer to Tel Aviv as Israel’s “City that Never Sleeps,” and as a Mediterranean beach city, Tel Aviv blends...

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Exploring the Bauhaus White City

Dan Magazine  28/05/2015

Tel Aviv is a vibrant and multicultural hub where a fantastic mixture of local tradition and modern Israel resides. The...

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Photo Chef

Dan Magazine  19/05/2015

Dan Gourmet hosted a unique exhibition of photographs of dishes prepared and photographed by Israel’s leading chefs. Photography culture that...

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Work Out Wherever

Dan Magazine  19/05/2015

TRX straps were originally designed to train US commandos have become a popular fitness instrument that can be used almost...

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Beit Hatfutsot – The Museum of the Jewish People

Hadassah Levy  24/03/2015

The new Jewish Museum The newly renovated Beit Hatfutsot (Diaspora Museum) has been renamed The Museum of the Jewish People...

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Renewing for You

Dan Magazine  12/03/2015

A comprehensive renovation of a group of rooms at the Dan Panorama hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem promises a hospitality...

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Hungry for Cooking

Dan Magazine  12/03/2015

The Dan Gourmet culinary school is celebrating its first year, during which it has attracted cooking enthusiasts of all skill...

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