Dan Hotels Announce Re-Opening of Properties

BY danhotels   DATE 17/05/2020

Tel Aviv, Israel, 15th May 2020;  The recent worldwide crisis inevitably caused Israeli tourism to come to a halt – but now the Dan Hotel chain, has announced a return to doing what they do best – providing guests with luxury vacations.

Ronen Nissenbaum, CEO of Dan Hotels, commented today, “We have been working hard during this period to ensure our guests return to the highest level of safety and comfort. We have developed a detailed health charter, covering all areas, and are meeting the strict guide lines set out by the Israeli Ministry of Health.”

The Dan’s premier property in Tel Aviv, the Dan Tel Aviv, has remained open during the entire period, but as from next week, Dan Caesarea and Dan Eilat will also be receiving guests. Other hotels in the chain, will resume operations within the coming months after undergoing thorough disinfection and cleaning, with additional emphasis on areas where there is frequent contact, such as signs, electricity sockets, air conditioners, cupboard handles, doors and windows, tables, chairs, TV remote controls, telephone handsets and all surfaces and appliances in the bathrooms. During the cleaning process, the entire room will be ventilated. All laundry items will be washed at a temperature of 700  – which is above the recommended Ministry of Health guideline. Public spaces inside and outside the hotel will also be thoroughly cleaned, including crockery, soft furnishings, drinking water systems and all devices. Social distancing will be introduced in all public areas, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their stay.

As part of the general recommendations by the Ministry of Health for the reopening of hotels, the entire building will be disinfected, each room in the hotel will undergo thorough cleaning with special disinfectants, as well as public and communal areas (bathrooms, halls, elevators, etc.),and all areas where food and drink is served. Also, the water supply systems, which were not used when the hotel was closed, will be cleaned.

On arrival to any Dan Hotel, all guests will have their temperature checked, using an advanced technological device, and will immediately receive a care package containing face mask, sanitizing gel and wet wipes. The room keys will be sanitized and placed in an envelope on the reception desk, waiting to be collected. At that time, guests will be asked to sign a health declaration and as long as they haven’t presented with a temperature of more than 37.80    will be welcomed into the hotel.  Staff members will be subject to similar procedures and will observe the social distancing rules as far as possible. Dan employees will be encouraged to set an example to guests by wearing a mask at all times, using wipes and disinfectants. Sanitizing gel dispensers with a touchless sensor will be deployed at the entrance to all hotels and public areas.

Dan Hotels has a great reputation for providing high quality food options at all meals and this will continue to be the case, with the familiar high quality of food preparation and presentation being maintained. Various meals will be prepared and plated by the chefs and served to the guests at tables, instead of buffet style, in order to avoid guests touching food items by mistake, and also to prevent queues. Another option is to ask for room service, which will be free of charge.

The chain has developed an innovative app, (available in some properties) named “App to Dan”, in response to the new situation which will assist guests during their stay, by allowing them to perform various actions including check-in and check-out, opening the door to their room and various payments, all without making contact.

The pool will be opened and operated in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines at all times, and guests will be able to enjoy the outdoor areas and all public places, while keeping the required distance from each other. All of these areas have been marked out and are ready to receive guests. The gyms, pools, entertainment venues, the Danyland Clubs and synagogues will be fully disinfected and prepared accordingly, and certain children’s activities will be held outdoors.

In addition, on the Dan Hotels website you can find, under the title Stay Safe & Enjoy, the health charter that has been compiled, with the main activities being carried out, to ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff, while maintaining the high level of service and hospitality that is synonymous with the Dan Hotels brand.

Dan Hotels is committed to ensuring all their guests will enjoy a luxurious and safe vacation.


About Dan Hotels, Israel:

The chain was founded in 1948 and has grown up alongside the State of Israel, earning its place as the longest established luxury hotel chain in the country, with a reputation for excellence in accommodation, service, and cuisine.

Written by Walla.

Written by  danhotels

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