Museums in Eilat

A Whole New World – Eilat

Lee Saunders  03/07/2018

“I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid,” sings Aladdin to Princess Jasmine in the Disney track A Whole...

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The museums of Israel-hidden treasures

Lee Saunders  31/08/2017

Celebrating the past, cherishing the future – the museums of Israel Museums of yesterday can sometimes conjure up images of...

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Eilat’s Musical Fountain

Dan Magazine  20/10/2015

A new attraction had opened in Eilat – Israel’s largest musical fountain. The Star Wars theme song has never sounded...

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The Underwater Observatory in Eilat

Hadassah Levy  24/03/2015

The Red Sea is home to more than 1200 species of fish which are not found elsewhere. This diversity is...

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