Hiking in Jerusalem


The Christmas Story – Where it Began

Lee Saunders  10/01/2018

In the song “Last Christmas,” George Michael sang how he gave you his heart, but every year, Israel gives you...

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Jerusalem Now

Dan Magazine  19/11/2017

Hallelujah- The City of David’s New Night Show.. To mark the jubilee year of the unification of Jerusalem, Hallelujah, an...

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Day trip to the Dead Sea

Hadassah Levy  24/03/2015

 The Dead Sea When we think of the Dead Sea, we usually think of the amazing experience of floating in...

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Top 10 Jerusalem Sites

Hadassah Levy  15/03/2015

There’s so much to do and see in Jerusalem that it can be hard to decide what attractions to take...

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Christian Jerusalem–The Old City -Part 1

Joel Haber  14/03/2015

Since the Christian segment of Jerusalem’s population is such a minority in comparison to Jews and Muslims, it is sometimes...

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Machane Yehuda 

Joel Haber  14/03/2015

No trip to Jerusalem is complete without a visit to the outdoor Machane Yehuda market. I’m sure you’ve heard a...

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Beit Guvrin-Maresha

Joel Haber  14/03/2015

Israel’s newest addition to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is a national treasure, much better known to Israeli...

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Synagogues of the Old City’s Jewish Quarter

Hadassah Levy  15/03/2013

Jerusalem’s Old City is so charming you may be tempted to just walk around and see where you end up....

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