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BY Dan Magazine   DATE 19/11/2017

Hallelujah- The City of David’s New Night Show..

To mark the jubilee year of the unification of Jerusalem, Hallelujah, an innovative multi-sensory attraction, the first of its kind in Israel, has been launched in the City of David National Park adjacent to the Western Wall.

The show, utilizing cutting edge technology of video mapping, is screened on the ancient ruins of the City of David and tells the story of the return to Jerusalem more than 2000 years ago – the return to Zion. The nocturnal experience comprises two shows -the first on the excavations of the Givati parking lot with the backdrop of the Old City walls, and the second on the ruins of the City of David in the area G excavations.


“Hallelujah”- The City of David’s New Night Show

The multi-dimensional show is screened with 13 different projectors onto a 12-meter-high steep rock slope comprised of the 3000 year old ruins of ancient Jerusalem. This setting makes the viewing experience almost palpable until it is virtually possible to touch the awakening city. The show screened under the open sky takes advantage of the unique Jerusalem climate and the spectacular views from the site: the Old City, the Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus, the Valley of the Kings and the slopes of the City of David.

The show is screened five days a week in Hebrew, English, French, and Spanish.
To order tickets: *6033 and on the City of David website

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The Israel Aquarium in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Israel Aquarium, named after the Gottesman family, founders of the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, has opened after 8 years of planning including 4 years of construction, and with an investment of over 100 million shekels.

The enormous aquarium covering 7000 m2 allows visitors to view thousands of fish and other marine creatures from about 20 different countries such as Kenya, Indonesia, Portugal, the Netherlands and includes sea horses, colorful Red Sea fish, barracudas, sea turtles, eels, jelly fish and even sharks.


The aquarium & its fascinating creatures living there

The aquarium is the only one in the world simulating life in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, and its foremost aim is to create awareness of the urgent need to preserve the sea and protect the fish, the corals, the mammals and other marine life.

The aquarium is a closed, landlocked environment. The staff, at present numbering about 20 people, make the sea water themselves according to the salinity of the different seas, and to this end tens of thousands of tons of salt are kept in the storerooms of the complex.

Top priority of the new aquarium is to raise awareness of ocean conservation, the aquatic habitat and the diversity of the fascinating creatures living there.  An integral part of the experience and close to the exit, visitors encounter a large and impressive interactive “wall of commitment”, where they are requested to commit to a number of guidelines related to preserving the marine environment.


The Red Sea Gallery

For the running-in period, entrance is only with prior registration and coordination of entrance hours.

Further details: 02-6750111
Click here to visit website  of Biblical Zoo


Graffiti tour of Mahane Yehuda

At nightfall, when the stalls and shops in the Mahane Yehuda market close, their shuttered façades become the canvas of street art, brightening up the market at night and lending it a young, colorful and exuberant air.

The graffiti creations and wall paintings feature some of the most significant personalities in Jerusalem city life. We start the tour with the famous mural of the artist group Cité de la Création from the city of Lyons. Their works, adorning a number of walls throughout the city, are characterized by a unique technique combining reality with illusion.

Arriving at the alleys of Mahane Yehuda, we view the closed shutters of the shops resplendent with artistic work displaying well known Jerusalem characters from sport, music, leadership, art and religion.

We hear of the vision of the artists who embellish the market and its surroundings, and understand their link to the Jerusalem melting pot and its expression through the graffiti art.


Graffiti artistic work, brightening up the streets of Mahane Yehuda market

To order a guided tour click here
Smartphone owners can take a self-guided tour with the application Bitemojo.

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