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Exploring the Bauhaus White City

Dan Magazine  28/05/2015

Tel Aviv is a vibrant and multicultural hub where a fantastic mixture of local tradition and modern Israel resides. The...

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Photo Chef

Dan Magazine  19/05/2015

Dan Gourmet hosted a unique exhibition of photographs of dishes prepared and photographed by Israel’s leading chefs. Photography culture that...

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Work Out Wherever

Dan Magazine  19/05/2015

TRX straps were originally designed to train US commandos have become a popular fitness instrument that can be used almost...

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Chamber Music Festival At The Dan Eilat

Dan Magazine  19/05/2015

The Dan Eilat hotel, whilst hosting the Eilat Chamber Music Festival, honored the occasion by offering guests a hospitality experience...

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Japan on the Carmel

Dan Magazine  18/05/2015

A visit to the Tikotin Museum in Haifa is a fascinating opportunity to get a close look at Japanese art...

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Birds Trip to Eilat

Dan Magazine  12/05/2015

At the Ornithological Birdwatching Park in Eilat awaits a unique experience of nature: a fascinating encounter with migratory birds that...

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