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Tel Aviv Attractions

We all need ‘time out’ – to recharge our batteries, to relax and to enjoy the finer things in life. Staying at a luxury hotel in a fun filled city can be the beginning of such a dream.
Israel’s leading luxury hotel chain - the Dan Hotels - offers you such an opportunity and more.
This article is the first in a series that will provide tips and information on wonderful and interesting experiences that you can enjoy during your stay in Israel.

Exploring the Bauhaus White City

Tel Aviv is a vibrant and multicultural hub where a fantastic mixture of local tradition and modern Israel resides. The city is stretched along the beautiful beaches of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, with a broad winding coastal promenade connecting the ancient city of Jaffa (Yafo) in the south, to the port in the north. As well as home to a distinctive café culture, Tel Aviv has more appetite-wetting Italian restaurants, sushi bars, and ice cream parlors than anyone could hope to visit in a year. It is also a city full of surprises, as I found out on my latest trip there. Read more


Vacation in Tel Aviv - The Most Original City

You’ve probably passed it from time to time, gone there for a restaurant, a play or a new pub. Maybe you even live there. Tel Aviv. Now, honestly, when was the last time you looked at the city with a tourist’s eye? When have you last toured the enchanting historical buildings, Ben Gurion House, the numerous museums, and other beautiful magical sites? No need to rush to Paris or Rome; a vacation in Tel Aviv is a unique experience with many surprises, even for those who live in the area. Read more


Discover Mystical Israeli Art in Tel Aviv’s Myriad Galleries

Israeli art has always been at the forefront of Tel Aviv’s flourishing status as the cultural capital of Israel. Israeli art has always had deeper meanings attached to it since most artists of the Israeli art-form ponder over questions of conflict and identity through their artwork.

Since its origin, it has taken on different shapes, but the one thing central to all Israeli art through the ages has been the artist’s fixation with abstract views about the nature of life and being. No matter what era of Israeli art form you pick, mental stimulation is one aspect you are bound to find in it.

 Read more


Tel Aviv of Yesteryear

A popular tour is “Tel Aviv of Yesteryear”, focused on events, places and people. How did it happen that Meir Dizengoff was given Meir Park as a gift, and why did he become angry and decide to name two alleys Plonit and Almonit (“John Doe” and “Jane Doe”)? Why did Sonia Getzel Shapira leave her husband, and what romantic tragedy was behind it? What’s the story behind the name “Magen David Square” and who invited Bialik to live in Tel Aviv? What passions and betrayals are hidden at Trumpeldor Cemetery, and who is buried alongside the country’s national poet and his wife Mania?

 Read more


Please Come With Your Swim Suit…

The Dan Panorama Tel Aviv hosted the annual event of the “Lady and Lord Dan” Club pool party that was attended by representatives of the Israeli economy. Hundreds of representatives of the leading firms in Israel happily accepted the invitation to attend the “Lady and Lord Dan” club pool party that took place at the Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv. 

Pictured (left to Right): Raffi Sadeh, President of the Dan Hotels; Chen Michaeli, General Manager Dan Panorama Tel Aviv; Ditza Ben Moshe, Director of Marketing Projects & Loyalty Clubs; Rafi Baeri, Vice President Sales & Marketing.
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Exploring Tel Aviv with Dan Hotels Israel

This article is the first in a series that will provide tips and information on wonderful and interesting experiences that you can enjoy during your stay in Israel.

 Read more


Tel Aviv: A city with a drive for more

Israel has so many aspects of tourism; such as religious ventures, “Coming Home” tours of Jewish Travelers and Historical tourism. But on top of all those you can find the modern Israeli tourism experience. Believe it or not - in Israel you can find one of the most bustling and exciting cities in the Middle East and Europe.  Can you guess which one? Well of course ,the city of Tel Aviv! Read more


Renewing for You

A comprehensive renovation of a group of rooms at the Dan Panorama hotels in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem promises a hospitality experience at another level. At Dan Hotels, we don’t rest for a moment. The hospitality experience is upgraded in accordance with the highest standards adopted by the chain.
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Hungry for Cooking

The Dan Gourmet culinary school is celebrating its first year, during which it has attracted cooking enthusiasts of all skill levels to a variety of gourmet courses and workshops. So what’s on the menu?

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