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Discover Mystical Israeli Art in Tel Aviv’s Myriad Galleries

 Israeli art has always been at the forefront of Tel Aviv’s flourishing status as the cultural capital of Israel. Israeli art has always had deeper meanings attached to it since most artists of the Israeli art-form ponder over questions of conflict and identity through their artwork.
Since its origin, it has taken on different shapes, but the one thing central to all Israeli art through the ages has been the artist’s fixation with abstract views about the nature of life and being. No matter what era of Israeli art form you pick, mental stimulation is one aspect you are bound to find in it.
The 1920's saw the emergence of the Modernist style in Israeli paintings and art in general. The tone then changed to the more contemporary forms of today, where Israeli artists explore a vast array of topics through their artworks, ranging from the depiction of local Israeli landscapes and Mediterranean lights to the artistic interpretation of Jewish traditions and their philosophy about figurative art.
Current sociopolitical issues have also seen their fair share of manifestation in contemporary Israeli artwork. It is safe to say that nothing is left untouched by Israeli art.

Tel Aviv at the heart of the Israeli arts industry
Israeli art is fresh, engaging and exhilarating and is an important element of the cultural scene in Israel. Art galleries are, therefore, commonplace throughout Israel. There is a beautiful artist’s village near Haifa, and there are galleries in Jerusalem, Ein Hod, Safed, and Galilee – essentially all over Israel.
At the center of it all are the art galleries of Tel Aviv. Local artists' exhibitions and art galleries crowd Israeli streets. The majority of Israeli art is displayed in Tel Aviv and exploring the local art scene will give you a comprehensive view of the mysticism and invigoration that Israeli art is known for.

Exploring Israeli arts through the myriad of art galleries in Tel Aviv
Being the hot-spot of Israel’s art scene, Tel Aviv is one city where you will not need to look for an arts gallery or exhibition as a separate activity. Take a simple stroll down the street and you are bound to come across brilliant pieces of art displayed in museums, galleries, and exhibitions.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art
If you’re visiting Israel, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is one destination that Tel Aviv hotels will recommend. Established in 1932 and expanding consistently since then, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is the one-stop shop for all art enthusiasts. It houses a sweeping collection of contemporary as well as classical Israeli art, and also has a fascinating sculpture garden and a more recent youth wing.

Three leading art galleries in Tel Aviv – Sommer Contemporary Art, Dvir, and Noga
This trio of galleries has been providing strong impetus to Tel Aviv’s thriving arts scene. The Sommer gallery is known for hosting some of the most major league names in the Israeli arts industry, such as Adi Nes. At the Dvir gallery, you’ll find bewitching abstract art-from leading artists like Adel Abdessemed, Douglas Gordon, and Jonathan Monk to name a few. The Noga is your answer for captivating art by local up-comers like Ori Gersht and Keren Cytter.
Easily accessible from all residential areas and hotel chains like the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv, the Sommer Contemporary Art, the Dvir, andthe  Noga galleries will quench your thirst for bona fide Israeli art.
Apart from the Sommer Contemporary Art Gallery, the Rothschild Boulevard is packed with several topnotch art galleries that put up great exhibitions. The beach strip is also thronged by several classical and contemporary art galleries located in the convenient proximity of most Tel Aviv hotels.
The Shoham Gallery exhibits some of the most outstanding art sculptures. The Stern Gallery is your Jewish art haven. Old Jaffa, in south Tel Aviv, is another place full of magnificent art galleries thta deserves a special visit by all art enthusiasts and lovers. 

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