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Exploring Tel Aviv with Dan Hotels Israel

We all need ‘time out’ – to recharge our batteries, to relax and to enjoy the finer things in life. Staying at a luxury hotel in a fun filled city can be the beginning of such a dream.
Israel’s leading luxury hotel chain - the Dan Hotels - offers you such an opportunity and more.
This article is the first in a series that will provide tips and information on wonderful and interesting experiences that you can enjoy during your stay in Israel.

Choosing your Hotel in Tel Aviv

Firstly it is highly recommended that you book into a hotel as near as possible to the Mediterranean coast, and if possible opt for a sea view room. Whatever your reason is for being in Tel Aviv the wonderful sight of the Mediterranean, with its inviting golden beaches and carefree atmosphere will do wonders for your soul! The greatest business deals and the most romantic experiences can all take place while enjoying a dreamy sunset by the Tel Aviv coast.
The Dan Hotel chain offers you two hotel options along the coast of Tel Aviv. At the northern end of the Tel Aviv seafront promenade, you will find the Dan Hotel Tel Aviv, a luxurious and stylish hotel, where celebrities such as Leonard Cohen, Madonna, and several Prime Ministers have enjoyed a stay.
On the more southern part of the promenade you will find the Dan Panorama Tel Aviv, a popular and classy hotel, which is well known for providing its guests with a perfect combination between business and pleasure facilities.
Both hotels are located within walking distance of the beach, the famous Old City of Jaffa, the Tel Aviv Port area and the city's business district. In both hotels you will find a luxurious Spa, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a children’s club and support for all your business needs.
We invite you to enjoy your stay at one of our Tel Aviv Dan Hotels, "where the welcome never stops".
Vacation in Tel Aviv - Things to do
Whether you are on holiday, or on business in Tel Aviv, make sure to check out a couple of unique and important places around the city.


If you are fond of exhibitions and museums - the city of Tel Aviv is just the place for you. There are a variety of galleries with permanent and changing exhibits in many fields of interest including photography, design, and painting. Many of these are situated in the vicinity of Gordon Street.
Stay updated by visiting the different websites such as the Tel Aviv Travel Guide and others.

The Yitzhak Rabin Center

One interesting and worthwhile place to visit in Tel Aviv is the recently built Yitzhak Rabin Center, designed by the famous architect Moshe Safdie. It stands on top of a historic mount, overlooking a magnificent panoramic view of the Yarkon Park and was built in memory of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1995. The center’s design is based on the American Presidential Libraries and contains a national archive, exploring the development of Israel as a young democracy.
The museum entrance is located on 14 Chaim Levanon Street, Tel Aviv.

The Yarkon Park

A relaxed and green spot lies at the heart of the city of Tel Aviv. This spot is the Yarkon Park, offering picnic areas spanning 350 acres of grass and 300 acres of woods, flowers, and shrubs with the focal point being the Yarkon stream. A nice family option would be taking a boat trip down the Yarkon River. You can choose between rowing and paddling boats. Make sure you can dedicate a couple of hours of your time to visit this park and enjoy a walk along the stream or treat yourself to a picnic. You can also keep on walking to the Tel Aviv Port area – an excellent place for your lunch just fifteen minutes away.

Tel Aviv Port

A lively and popular area for a day visit or a nice night stroll is the old Tel Aviv Port – Ha'Namal. The premise, inactive as a sea port these days, was built in 1936-1938, during the British mandate over Palestine, and was shut down in 1965 when a new sea port was built 40 KM outside of Tel Aviv (Ashdod Port). In the 1980's the old Tel Aviv port became a place for recreation, nightlife and watersports, with its many trendy restaurants and cafés, nightclubs, a beautiful deck where you can view the Mediterranean sea or take a bicycle ride, and much more. An Antique Fair takes place each Saturday throughout the day.

The Israel's Children Museum in Holon

For an interesting and unforgettable experience visit the Israel's Children Museum in Holon. There is a unique exhibition called "Dialogue in the Dark", providing a sensory experience that will allow you to understand the challenges that face the sight impaired community. Make sure you reserve your tickets.

The Old City of Jaffa

The Old City of Jaffa is an ancient port city which is a part of Tel Aviv, within walking distance through the marvelous beachfront promenade just next to the Dan Panorama Hotel. The Jaffa hill rises to a height of 40 Meters and offers a breathtaking view of the coastline. It is a historical and archeological site in Israel, believed to be one of the oldest in the world. On this hill you can find famous gardens with an amphitheatre, the "Kedumim" square, the "Simta" theatre, the artists' district, and some religious sites as well, such as St. Peter's Church, and more.

Where to Eat? Restaurants in Tel Aviv

After exploring the food in Dan's famous restaurants, bars or business lounges, you might feel it is time to explore some of the city’s amazing restaurants!
We can make dozens of recommendations for unique places to eat dinner around town. In the last couple of years, the city of Tel Aviv has grown with more and more Chef Restaurants, such as "Rokach 73", Tapas bars such as "Tapeo" or "Cava bar", and amazing sushi cuisine such as "Onami" in Ha'arbaa St. Information regarding these and other restaurants can be found in the Israel restaurant guide.
The city also offers reasonable and worthwhile places for lunch. For example, the well located "Herbert Samuel" restaurant near Dan Panorama Tel Aviv, where a business menu is offered Sunday through Wednesday until 16:00.
If you skip one of the luxurious Dan Hotel's breakfasts, make sure you take the time to have breakfast in one of the many coffee shops around town. The "Neve Tzedek" area, just near Dan Panorama Tel Aviv, is perfect for the occasion. For example, "Dallal" restaurant offers superb breakfast deals, as well as great business lunch meals.

Shopping in Tel Aviv

It is difficult to choose between the various shopping areas of Tel Aviv, for this city is a shoppers' heaven. We will try to recommend some of the more interesting shopping areas in this fashion focused epicenter.
The Levontin Street Area (Gan Ha'hashmal)
This block of shops is all about designer clothes ("Frau and Blau"), shoes and chic accessories such as bags ("Kisim") or jewelry ("Hagar Satat").
Kikar Ha'Medina - The State's Square
In this area you will find the most exquisite and well known global and local brands for your shopping cruise, such as Gucci, Emporio Armani, DKNY, Escada, and many Israeli leading fashion boutiques, such as Hagara, Maya Nagari, Mika and others. You should plan to take a walk through the large and indulging square even if you do not plan to shop there, the experience is worth it, and a cup of coffee could be a treat too.
Shenkin Street and the Carmel Market
A whole day can and should be spent in the area of Shenkin Street, with its famous designer shops and cafés. The Carmel Market, just next to Shenkin Street, is the biggest and most popular market in Tel Aviv. Here you can find famous fresh Israeli fruits and vegetables, along with fresh rolls, cheese, fish and other delicious food.
Some shops are worth visiting, for example the "Michal Negrin" shop in Shenkin Street, where you can find jewelry and other unique fashion items all designed in a romantic style. This is a great place for you to find extraordinary presents for your loved ones.
This article is only the tip of the iceberg with regard to things to do in Tel Aviv. There is a lot more on offer to make an interesting, enjoyable and well spent vacation, where families, couples or business travelers can explore the glory of Tel Aviv! We invite you to read more about Tel Aviv on Wikipedia.

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