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Local Attractions

The capital of the state of Israel is none other than the city of Jerusalem. Much has been recounted and written about this city, and we would like to offer you a taste of the authentic Jerusalem experience. Whether on a family or romantic holiday or on a business trip, the Israeli capital has a lot to offer for each and every individual.
The Dan Hotels, Israel's leading hotel chain, invites you to stay at one of its hotels in comfort and tranquility. Picture a journey through the dozens of markets and festivals, recreation spots and of course spectacular tourist attractions in the city of Jerusalem.

Mini Israel - See it all - in miniature !

Mini Israel is the “Showcase of Israel.” Hundreds of amazingly accurate models exhibit, at a scale of 1:25, depictions of the most important architectural, historic, archaeological, religious and social sites as well as buildings of importance to all religions and cultures inhabiting the country. All 25,000 miniature 'Israelis' in the models are 7cm in height !!
Since its opening in 2002, Mini Israel has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, primarily due to its ideal location (halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, only 15 minutes away from the airport), and also because tourists of all ages, denominations and communities find their most beloved and cherished sites and buildings presented “at eye level.”
Exhibits are periodically updated and renewed, and therefore each visit ensures a new discovery of sites, scenes and attractions which were not previously on display.
Mini Israel is located in the Latrun region, near the Armored Corps Memorial and the Trappist Monastery.
The exhibit spans an area of about 35,000 square meters (7.5 Acres) and offers its guests:
A Visitors Center with a food court, a souvenir shop, a miniature tree (bonsai) nursery and a meeting hall where a movie telling the story of the establishment of the site is screened.

Opening Hours: November-March 10:00-18:00
April 10:00-20:00
May-June 10:00-21:00
July-August 10:00-22:00
September-October 10:00-20:00
Friday 10:00-14:00

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The New Holocaust History Museum

The new Holocaust History Museum at Yad Vashem is four times the size of the original historical museum it replaced. The new museum spans some 4,200 square meters.
Throughout the new museum an emphasis has been placed on presenting the history of the Holocaust from a human perspective - featuring approximately 90 personal stories from the point of view of the Jews
The new museum makes revolutionary use of multimedia presentations to present the historical narrative alongside the personal stories. There are two presentations of video art - the 'Jewish World before the Holocaust' by Michal Rovner at the beginning of the museum, and the 'Epilogue' by Uri Tzaig.
Over 600 photographs of victims and fragments of Pages of Testimony are featured in the new Hall of Names.

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 9:00 - 17:00, entrance permitted until 16:00. Fridays and Holiday Eves 9:00 - 14:00, entrance permitted until 13:00. Closed on Saturday and all Jewish Holidays 02-644-3400 , 02-644-3443

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 David's Citadel Museum ( Tower of David)

Set in the magnificently restored ancient Citadel first constructed 2,000 years ago by Herod the Great, the Tower of David Museum traces Jerusalem's long and eventful history through state-of-the-art displays and exhibits utilizing the most advanced technologies.
Canaanites and Hebrews, Greeks and Romans, Crusaders, Muslims, Turks, British, and Israelis are richly represented, seeking harmony within the age-old walls.
The panoramic route along the Citadel towers with its most breathtaking view of the city and the affluent archaeological gardens, all add to an experience you will cherish.

Opening Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00 and 12:00 noon, special stories of Jerusalem during the Middle ages. Guided tours in English - Monday - Friday 11:00. Museum open - Monday - Wednesday 10:00 - 16:00, Thursday 10:00 - 20:00, Friday and Saturday - 10:00 - 14:00. Jaffa Gate. Tel - 02-6265333

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The Tunnels of Time in the Ophel Park

The Archaeological Park of Jerusalem is located at the foot of the southern wall of the Temple Mount and exhibits the most exciting remnants found in Jerusalem from the Second Temple Period. Above Herodian Street, next to the parking lot, a pile of enormous stones commemorates the destruction of the Second Temple.
Above the road stands the Robinson Arch, named after the famous researcher Edward Robinson, who first discovered it in 1852.
Impressive structures of the Hasmonean and Byzantine periods include ruins of palaces from the first Islamic period, the ancient City of David and the mighty towers built by the powerful Sultans.
A new mini-museum, called the Wolfson Tunnel, displays ruins from the Second Temple Period, the Late Roman Period, the Byzantine Period, the Ancient Islamic Period and more.
The impressive lobby prepares the visitor for the unique three-dimensional visual experience displayed at the Davidson Visitor’s Center.
Descending the ramps of the different ancient periods visitors are taken on a journey through two thousand years of history.
The most impressive exhibit is the interactive-virtual model of the Temple Mount, activated by a super-computer, illustrating the Second Temple Period. The documents 150 years of the Temple Mount area’s excavation and uses the most modern animation to depict the Pilgrimage to the Temple.
After your experience at the Archaeological Park, the walls of Jerusalem will never look the same.

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Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

The only museum in the world displaying the history of the biblical period in the various lands of the Bible.
The Museum is a center for cultural and educational programming; and has produced numerous outstanding special exhibitions such as ''The Jewish Presence in Ancient Rome'' that marked the first cultural exchange between the Vatican and State of Israel following the initiation of diplomatic relations. Moreover, in 1996 the Museum presented ''Jerusalem – A Capital For All Times; Royal Cities of the Biblical World'' as the primary exhibition for the Jerusalem 3,000 celebrations, and brought record breaking crowds into the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna as the first stop on its international tour.

Opening Hours: Daily guided tours for adults Sun - Fri: English - 10:15, Hebrew - 11:00,
plus Wednesdays: English - 17:30, Hebrew -18:00. Groups by advance reservation.
Sun. Mon. Tues. Thurs. 09:30-17:30 Wed. 9:30-21:30
Fri.Holiday eves 09:30-14:00
02-5611066 , 02-5638228

|Website link|

Herzl Tomb and the Herzl Museum

The Herzl Museum is located on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem, adjacent to the graves of the leaders of the nation.
The museum, that was founded in the year 1960, a century after the birth of Theodor Herzl, has been renovated and updated, and now uses state-of-the-art simulations to take visitors back in time to various periods in Herzl's life.
Another section of the museum presents a re-creation of Herzl's study with some of the actual furniture and papers it contained.
Tel: (02) 643-3266

Opening Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 8:45 - 15:15
Friday: 8:45 - 12:15

|Website link|

Bloomfield Science Museum

Recommended for children and youth; also enjoyable for adults.
It is a new and modern museum with innovative and sophisticated exhibits that illustrate different scientific areas.

Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00 - 18:00. Saturday 10:00 - 15:00.
Closed on Sunday and Friday. Tel: 02-5618128

|Website link|

Tisch Family Biblical Zoo

An imaginatively landscaped zoo spanning 62 acres built among mountains and surrounded by stunning views. A central lake surrounds monkey islands. Visitors can view a wide range of animals in spacious enclosures without bars, including species mentioned in the Bible and rare or endangered species. A huge variety of small animals, from desert to rain forest, a Bibleland Wildlife Preserve, and African and South American enclosures. New attractions : a beautiful penguin exhibit, a computerized Visitors Center in Noah's Ark, a beautiful Lemur land and fascinating Birdwatchers' Route. For children: a Zoo train (not on Saturday and public holidays), a children's zoo, an ecological maze and a large playground

Opening Hours: Open Sunday - Thursday 09:00 - 19:30, Friday 09:00 - 16:30, Saturday 10:00 - 18:00. Near Malcha Mall.
Tel - 02-6750130, 6750125, 6750111

|Website link|

The Jerusalem Botanical Garden

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens comprise more than six thousand plant species, which were brought to Israel from all over the world and are being preserved for the benefit and enjoyment of the public. The plants are displayed in six areas, each designed to create a miniature landscape of the plant's region of origin. The Gardens also boast of a tropical greenhouse named after Florence Dvorsky, containing a wide variety of plants from tropical regions. The University Botanical Gardens operate enrichment programs for school children - from kindergarten to secondary school - on numerous and diverse subjects dealing with nature and preservation of the environment.

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 09:00 -17:00, Saturdays 10:00 - 17:00, 02-6794012

|Website link|

Museum of Islamic art

The museum was opened in memory of Prof. L.A. Mayer, an important Islamic art and archeology scholar. The museum represents a culture that has been forming for over one thousand years and has spread over several continents. The display includes miniature art-ware made from clay, glass, wood and ivory as well as metal-ware, jewelry, calligraphy and figurines.
The display is set in a didactic order, allowing one to follow the evolution of Islamic art from its start to the 19th century.
2 Ha-Palmach St

Opening Hours: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00 - 15:00. Tuesday 10:00 -18:00. Friday, Saturday, holiday eves and holidays 10:00 - 14:00
02-5661292 , 02-5619802

|Website link|

Jerusalem Mall - Malcha

Opening Hours:
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday at 18:00, performances and workshops especially for children. Tel - 02-6791333

S.Y. Agnon House

This is the two-story house where Nobel prize-winning author S.Y. Agnon resided.
On the ground floor, the living room has been preserved.
The room's character teaches us about the modesty and simplicity that typified Agnon’s family life. The other rooms in the house feature exhibits of photographs, paintings, and other items.
Agnon’s study, with its extensive and unique library containing thousands of books, is on the second floor. Various items that belonged to Agnon are also exhibited here, including the typewriter on which his wife Esther typed his stories from his handwritten manuscripts.
The room adjacent to the library contains, among other things, Agnon’s Nobel Prize and Israel Prize certificates. Seminaries, lectures, and workshops are held in the reading room, and organized tours of Jerusalem following the theme of Agnon and his works are available.
Address: 16 Klausner, Talpiot, Jerusalem Tel. (02) 671-6498

Opening Hours: Summer hours until August 27th 2010
Sunday – Thursday 9:00 -16:00, Friday 9:00 -12:00

|Website link|

Museum of Italian Jewish Art

Housed in the former Schmidt Compound's building at the heart of Jerusalem, the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art is one of Jerusalem's most precious possessions.
Founded in 1981, it was set up to gather, preserve and display objects pertaining to Jewish life in Italy from the Middle Ages through the present. In addition to the permanent collection, a number of temporary exhibits are held throughout the year covering a wide range of topics related to Italian Jewry, as well as conferences, concerts and guided tours suitable for all ages and interests.
In the past few years, thanks to extensive media coverage and hard work, the number of visitors has grown steadily. The museum’s opening hours were extended accordingly. An average of forty thousand people now visit the Museum each year. Approximately ten thousand of these are pupils; the others come in organized groups both from Israel and abroad.

Opening Hours: Sun, Tue, Wed: 9am-5pm Mon: 9am-2pm Thurs, Fri: 9am-1pm Closed on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays 02-6241610

|Website link|

Time Elevator

Journey through an exciting presentation of 3000 years of Jerusalem's history. Beit Agron, 37 Hillel St. Tel - 02-6348381

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Jerusalem Light Rail

The Jerusalem Light Rail is a light rail line, the first of several rapid transit lines planned by Israel for Jerusalem.
Construction also involved building the Jerusalem Chords Bridge, a major city landmark, reaching the height of 130 m; and renovating a number of central locations in the city.
The line is about 14 kilometers (8.7 mi) long with 23 stops. Extensions are planned for both ends of the route.
Additional places of interest along the JLR Route:
• Ammunition Hill & French Hill (Dan Jerusalem)
• Damascus & Jaffa Gates
• Jerusalem City Hall
• City Centre
• Mahane Yehuda Market
• Central Bus Station
• Mount Herzl

Opening Hours: Sund – Thurs: 05:30 – 00:00
Fri & Holidays: Custom scheduling according to holiday times.

|Website link|

Annual Event - The Jerusalem Festival of Light

Light has its own presence. Beyond its practical functions, such as creating a sense of security, illuminating obstacles and marking passageways, light also enables the observer to perceive the city in a different manner. Through light one can rediscover the city’s lines, geography and strength. Preoccupation with light as a raw material has developed rapidly over the past twenty years. This process has opened artists to a new world that integrates beauty, concept, abstraction and technology and comprises a wide range of possibilities and usages. A large number of artists and groups of artists are discovering the unique quality of the integration of light as a creative element and not just as a means to lighting their works of art.
Started in 2009 “The Light of Jerusalem Festival" celebrates and emphasizes the role of light in an urban setting. The Festival of Light is an initiative of the Jerusalem Development Authority and Ariel Municipal Company.
Artists from Israel and abroad take part in the festival and use light in order to create statues, installations, performances and other intriguing artwork. The festival brings in approximately 250,000 visitors to the Old City and succeeds in introducing a new trend to Jerusalem's nightlife. The festival includes both displays of museum artwork and activities suitable for all audiences and fun for the entire family.
Every year the festival grows and includes new international artists displaying their best works in this unusual artistic field, alongside dozens of performances and tours.
The Festival of Light in the Old City of Jerusalem shines a new light on the Old City, its alleyways and sites and continues to promote the Old City of Jerusalem as a multi-faceted site, with an enchanting and delightful nightlife.

|Website link|

The Ice City

Jerusalem Hosts the International Ice Festival at the new Tachane Entertainment zone.
Featuring a spectacular display of famous Jerusalem sites – all carved
in ice – and other special attractions, the festival brings in internationally recognised ice artists to create otherwise unseen sculptures.
To accommodate the festival, a special 1,500 sq. m. display area will be
erected, with an ice skating rink built alongside, as well as an area for
performances and a bar made, naturally, of ice. The exhibition area will
operate at a temperature of 10 degrees below zero.
The last ice sculpture exhibit featured some of Jerusalem’s unique sites,
including Tower Of David, Montefiore's Windmill and more.
Visitors entered through an ice-carved version of Jaffa Gate,
and wander through a track including ice slides and other attractions.
Special ticket offers for tourist guides:
“Bimot” 02-6237000 or *6226

|Website link|

Other Hotels inJerusalem

  • King David Hotel Jerusalem

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    The King David Jerusalem Hotel, the most famous of all Jerusalem hotels, is superbly located at the meeting point of the Old City and dynamic New Jerusalem.

  • Dan Boutique Hotel Jerusalem

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    The Dan Boutique Hotel is located in a prime setting with easy access to Jerusalem’s tourist attractions. Guests love its intimate character and unique atmosphere.

  • Dan Panorama Jerusalem

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    The Dan Panorama Jerusalem, a favorite Jerusalem hotel, is ideally located for people who wish to explore the Old City as well as modern Jerusalem’s fascinating attractions.

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