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Jerusalem Attractions

The capital of the State of Israel is none other than the city of Jerusalem. Much has been recounted and written about Jerusalem and, in this article by the Dan Hotel chain, we wish to impart some of the ambience of an authentic Jerusalem experience. Whether you are on a family or romantic holiday or on a business trip, Israel’s capital city offers a myriad of possibilities to please every palate.

Jerusalem Tours – Walking, Segway and more

From the maze of shadowed streets which meander through the Old City, bursting at the seams with life and color; to the stunning panoramic vista of the swelling city amid the Judean Mountains from the Mount of Olives - and everything in between - discovering Jerusalem is truly an unforgettable experience. Read more


A “Hotel Within a Hotel” - A New Concept at the Dan Jerusalem

The Dan Jerusalem Hotel offers individual guests a pampering hospitality package to go with a tranquil and private space in the prestigious King David wing. Have you already heard about the pillow menu? Read more


A Vacation in Jerusalem—How To Plan the Perfect Holiday?

The different possibilities for a vacation in Jerusalem are too numerous to mention. The city of Jerusalem, 4,000 years old, offers visitors endless possibilities for entertainment, touring, and accommodations, and all you need to do is to try to decide in advance what type of vacation you would like to have. Read more


 Read more


Who Are You, Herod?

A journey into the life and death of Herod.  An inaugural exhibition at the Israel Museum outlines the multifaceted personality of the man dubbed The Last King of
the Jews. Read more


A Reason to be Proud

Dan Hotels in First Place
This year, Dan Hotels won first place in a number of categories in polls conducted by the Yediot Aharanot Israeli newspaper, and strengthened once again its standing as a leading hotel chain, aspiring to provide its guests with the most pampering and perfect hospitality experience. Read more


The King is Ready

Meticulous preparations at the King David Hotel contributed to the success of the recent diplomatic meeting between the governments of Israel and Germany, which was unprecedented in scale. Here’s all you need to know about the preliminary planning, winning logistics, efficient service system, as well as an intriguing peek behind the scenes. Read more


Precious Time

At the Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem, a valuable collection of antique clocks and watches is on display, including a watch that was commissioned 200 years ago for Queen Marie Antoinette. Enjoy every minute. Read more


The Old Station Complex in Jerusalem

When traveling to Jerusalem don’t forget to visit its old train station complex. This important site allows you to see the very first train station of the city, peek into the history of Jerusalem more than one hundred years ago and enjoy various attractions that take place in the Old Station.  Read more


Dan Boutique Jerusalem

a hotel with a different approach
The Location
Dan Boutique Jerusalem, is located on a hilltop overlooking Mount Zion and the Old City walls .
Photos: Ori Ackerman
 Read more


The Tastes of Jerusalem

For Jerusalem residents it's "Machneyudah" - pronounce as one word. For tourists it’s probably the most colorful and beautiful market in Israel. Visitors of Jerusalem may visit its many famous sacred halls: huge synagogues, elaborate churches and mosques.
Photos: Baruch Gian
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Jerusalem, a city that will give you an out-of-this-world experience

So many words were written about this city, holly to all major religions, adored by Billions, a place both ancient and modern all at once. Still, the beauty and the atmosphere of Jerusalem cannot be comprehended until you visit it in person.
 Read more


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