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The Old Station Complex in Jerusalem

When traveling to Jerusalem don’t forget to visit the old train station complex. This important site allows you to see the very first train station of the city, peek into the history of Jerusalem more than one hundred years ago and enjoy various attractions that take place in the Old Station complex.

The history of the Old Station

The Old Station in Jerusalem is a wonderful historical monument capturing a unique moment in the history of the city. The station became active by the end of the nineteenth century, providing the citizens of those-days’ Palestine with a much shorter and much more comfortable way to reach cities like Jaffa, Gaza and Lod (Lydda). Until the completion of the train tracks, the route to Jaffa took more than 10 hours and relied on domestic animals such as camels.  The person responsible for the building of the train station in Jerusalem is Yosef Navon, a businessman and a banker that convinced the Ottoman  rulers to invest in the train project. 

Best Attractions in Jerusalem's Old Station Complex

Currently, after having been restored, the old Jerusalem train station complex has become a known tourist area comprising various attractions. Here are some of the best attractions to be found in the Old Station of Jerusalem:

Pubs and Restaurants

The Old Station is a great place to dine at, as it comprises many different types of restaurants and pubs. You can enjoy different kinds of cuisine, coffee and sweets. Some of the most famous restaurants include a sea food restaurant, an Italian restaurant and of course a restaurant specializing in local middle eastern food. If you want to taste the different tastes of Jerusalem, the old train station complex is the best place to start at.

Markets and workshops 

Every week the Old Station complex hosts various markets and workshops. Those colorful evens are suitable and enjoyable for adults and children alike. Don’t miss the weekly Organic Produce Farmer's Market, offering a variety of fresh organic vegetables and fruits, cheeses and breads. Another famous market is the designer market, that takes place on Thursdays and Fridays. You will be able to purchase some of the most exquisite clothes and jewelry, designed by the best Israeli designers.

Organized trips at the Old Station

Another great and enjoyable highlight at the Old Station are guided tours, that take visitors through interesting places in Jerusalem. You can join a guided tour to various pubs on the night-time pub tour or visit the historical places of Jerusalem with a tour guide to explain about each and every one of them.

Luxury Hotels

one of the best advantages of the old train station complex is its proximity to some of the largest luxury hotels in the city. You can find 3 top Dan hotels such as the King David Jerusalem, the Dan Panorama Jerusalem and even the Dan Boutique Jerusalem hotel a walking distance away from the old train station. You can easily spend your time in one of these hotels and enjoy the various attractions of the Old Station complex during your visit in Jerusalem.

The Old Station Complex in Jerusalem - Don’t miss the old train station complex in Jerusalem. Explore it’s exciting history and enjoy its various weekly attractions.


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