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Unforgettable vacation in Herzliya

Welcome to the lovely city of Herzeliya. A city that lies on the shore of Mediterranean sea, northern to Tel Aviv. Herzeliya is a true tourist delight and hundreds of tourists visit it every day. If you are planning a vacation in Israel, don’t forget to check out Herzeliya’s numerous attractions. In this article we will introduce Herzeliya and some of its best attractions.

Brief history of Herzeliya
In the year 1924, a group of seven young people from United States reached the area of today’s Herzeliya and established the first shack on the naked hill. Later, another group joined them and established an agricultural settlement. By the time of the declaration of Israel, Herzeliya was a city with a few thousands of residents. Along the years Herzeliya was transformed into a fully modernized city, reducing agricultural influence and resembling the rest of Israeli’s central cites with industrial manufacture and widespread  commercial activity.

Best places to visit in Herzeliya
Herzeliya is a favorable touristic city, with many great attraction for foreign and domestic tourists. Here are some of the best Herzeliya attractions that you should not miss.

Herzeliya Marina – when staying in Herzeliya, you must visit the new promenade. Take a walk across the beach and enjoy they view of the sea. Dine in fancy restaurants and cafe places on the promenade and engage in beach sport such as beach volleyball.

Rent a boat – In the Marina of Herzeliya you will be able to rent a boat or a yacht and go sailing with your friends and family. An unforgettable attraction for the children is a yacht cruise in the open sea.

Sand Beaches – the strongest point of Herzeliya is of course its wonderful sandy beaches. When visiting the city in the summer, you will have the chance to enjoy some of the best beaches of Israel. Sunbathe on the beach, swim in the cool, clean water and enjoy your unforgettable summer holiday in Herzeliya.

Appolonia – the Appolonia in Herzeliya is the most important historical and archeological attraction of the city. It is a site of impressive ruins from the Byzantium area, that belonged to the ancient marine center and an ancient commercial market that existed in those days.

Art Museum – In Herzeliya you will be able to enjoy not only old historical and archeological artifacts but also some new, modern culture in the famous modern art museum in the city. The museum hosts exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, created by local and international artists from all over the world.

Best hotels in Herzeliya
If you are looking for hotels in Herzeliya, you will find a wide selection of Israel’s best hotels. One of the biggest names among those hotels is of course, Dan. Dan hotels in Herzeliya offer you big and comfortable rooms with magnificent sea view, around the clock room service, top quality chef cooked meals, swimming pools and tennis courts and all the mandatory pleasures needed for the perfect vacation.

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