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Get the Best of Sports, Music, Food, and Entertainment at the Herzliya Marina

Built during the 1980s, the Herzliya Marina was the brain child of Mayor Eli Landau. Located around seventeen kilometers from Tel Aviv towards the north, the Herzliya Marina is spread over an area of five hundred dunams and was opened to the public in 1995.

Its easy accessibility from most Herzliya hotels and the rich and luxurious experience it provides has made the Herzliya Marina a popular tourist attraction.

Exploring the Herzliya Marina

Herzliya Marina is home to a host of lively festivals and other tourist attractions. The largest marina of the Mediterranean region, the Herzliya Marina, is conveniently located on the coastal resort town of Herzliya. Several five star resorts and hotels like the Dan Accadia Herzliya are located on or around the sandy beaches close to the marina.

It attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists all year long and a simple stroll down the Herzliya Marina will show you why. The Herzliya Marina complex boasts some of the finest restaurants which overlook the beautiful waters. Additionally, it has a shopping mall where you can find local as well as exotic gift items, art pieces, souvenirs, and everything else which provides for a great shopping experience.  The Herzliya Marina also has a vibrant entertainment scene full of beach games, local exhibitions, festivals, and great food. Summers in particular at the Herzliya Marina are exceptionally spirited and lively.

Sizzle your summers out at the Herzliya Marina

Some things you wouldn’t want to miss out when exploring the Herzliya Marina during the summers are - 

1. Herzliya Marina musical festival

The Herzliya Marina hosts a truly magnetizing musical festival on water during the months of July and August. Held at the Herzliya Marina Plaza every Tuesdays of the two months, the show begins at 8pm and adds a magical charm to the night.

If you happen to be in Herzliya or even Tel Aviv and the surrounding neighborhoods, your attendance at this musical festival is a must. Music bands, choirs, and ensembles from all over the world give enchanting live performances which are sure to drift you away into a surreal musical world.

It is common to see performers from Spain, France, North America, and of course Israel and the best part is you get to lose yourself in the music for free.

2. The Israeli folk dancing gala

Start your Saturday mornings at the Herzliya Marina beech with captivating live performances by Israeli folk dancers. These dances are unique, artistic representations of the Israeli life and culture which are sure to make you fall in love with the country. The folk dances begin as early as 10.30 am and go on late in the afternoon till 2.30 pm.

The gala doesn’t end here, there’s more. Beaches of the Herzliya Marina have several beach volleyball courts for those who like to keep the party going on even after the folk dance. These beaches are open late into the night and are a good excuse to burn off all those extra calories you gain after fabulous fine dining in and around Herzliya.

3. Beer Festival and Samuel Adams Longshot Competition

Use the competition as an excuse to gulp as much beer as you want! The Beer Festival at the Herzliya Marina provides the perfect opportunity to taste over a hundred different types of specialty boutique beers while swinging to the tunes of live music in the background.

Connect with other enthusiasts at the festival and root for your favorite home blend to win a prize at the Samuel Adams Longshot Competition. The festival and competition take place from 6pm till 11pm in the night and have a minimum age requirement of 18 years for all attendees.

So doesn’t matter if you have a special appetite for culture, music, sports, or just pure good time, the Herzliya Marina will cater to all your passions, all year long.

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