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Haifa Hotels

Haifa and Haifa hotels welcome you with scenic vistas, terraced hillsides and enthralling places of interest. Crowning the richly wooded hills of Mount Carmel, the beauty of Haifa is a constant delight to inhabitants and visitors alike.

Dan Carmel

The Dan Carmel Haifa, the most luxurious of all Haifa hotels, features panoramic views, elegant interiors, private gardens and a secluded pool.

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Dan Panorama Haifa

The Dan Panorama Hotel, the only Haifa hotel that’s a city landmark, overlooks spectacular views and is ideal for business travelers and tourists exploring the Galilee.

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Dan Gardens Haifa

The Dan Gardens Hotel, a modern bed and breakfast facility, is a special Haifa hotel created for guests eager to experience Haifa’s charms and stay within budget.

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Haifa Hotels

The city covers verdant terraces sloping down to a wide curving bay edged by sandy beaches and promenades, ideal for picturesque strolls. Renowned for its rich biblical history, Haifa has a profusion of mosques, churches and holy sites worth visiting. Haifa hotels are plentiful and located on both the City's upper and lower sections and while its museums are spread throughout the city focusing on subjects as diverse as Far Eastern art and maritime history. Haifa is also home to the renowned Hanging Gardens of the Baha’i Temple, regarded by many as “the eighth wonder of the world”. Unmatched for botanical harmony, they cover the slopes of Mount Carmel. To experience their magic, tourists can simply walk along the panoramic Louis Promenade from the Dan Carmel Hotel to the Dan Panorama Hotel down to the restored historic quarter called the German Colony. For the active tourist, Haifa hotels invite visitors to explore the city’s fascinating topography by following a variety of stairways running from the Carmel ridge to the sea. As for nature lovers, the Carmel National Park’s 22,000 acres of natural woodland constitute a spectacular introduction to the indigenous forests that covered the region in biblical times. Haifa is also known as the Pearl of the North, and its hotels provide a perfect take-off point to the rolling hills and history of the Galilee. A fifteen minute drive along the coastline, takes you to the walled Crusader town of Acre; continuing further north along the Mediterranean will bring you to the wave-sculpted grottos of Rosh Hanikra. Inland from Haifa, Druze villages, the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Safed and Tiberias, are an easy drive away.

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