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At the Dan Carmel everything is Deluxe

The hotel has always had a semi–Olympic pool, located at the heart of a green garden, an island of calm and relaxation that allows guests to disconnect and forget the fact that just a few steps away, beyond the hotel’s grounds, resides the hustle and bustle of the large city that seemingly complies with the customary request “do not disturb” ...  As is the standard in Dan Hotels, any remodeling is a process deeply and thoroughly carried out without any compromises or shortcuts: “We demolished the old pool with a bulldozer and started to build something entirely new from scratch,” says Adi Maor, CEO of Dan Hotels in Haifa, who accompanied the entire reconstruction and upgrade process of all the hotel rooms, “our short window of opportunity required that we complete all renovations before the opening of the official swimming season.” And that’s exactly what happened. After six months of intensive hard work and an investment of eight million shekels, Maor can now, with unconcealed pride, open his smartphone photo gallery and gaze at the impressive photos of the new pool and surroundings.

In other words - a kind of a dream come true ...

The inspiration for the new design came from the pool of the King David Hotel. A quality infrastructure is the heart of the matter, the entire pool is built of cast concrete. The quality of the water is excellent: an automatically controlled system, operating without human intervention, ensures complete sterilization and controls the PH and chlorine levels in accordance with Ministry of Health requirements, and even more. “There is probably no other hotel in the country equipped with such a high level swimming pool control system,” says Maor.
The pool interior is tiled with glazed effect mosaics in shades of blue and green, the pool side is tiled with Italian granite deck-like non-slip tiles with hidden drainage slots, the water level is right up to the pool edge giving the illusion that the water overflows ...
The lighting is a spectacular visual experience: dozens of LED bulbs and lamps set in the pool walls, flood the pool in the evening with a bright blue light, creating a magical and exotic look that is an attraction in itself.


New pool, new experiences

The new pool at the Dan Carmel upgrades the experience of indulgence and pleasure. A warm welcome awaits you as you arrive at the pool: the water temperature is set at exactly 28 degrees (82.4 F), no more and no less. This temperature, set at the optimal level, ensures pleasantly warm water and enjoyable bathing right from the very first moment.

Fancy a rest after swimming?

The shaded splash pool is only 35 cm deep and equipped with low chairs, allowing you to sit in the pool with only your legs in the water and read a book, have an ice cream or just rest and enjoy total relaxation. Another relaxation option for those who prefer to be away from the pool, is a shady and pleasant elevated deck overlooking the woods.

Hungry or feel like a snack?

The pool’s snack bar offers soft drinks, ice cream and fruit and also a shaded indoor restaurant with 84 seats, where you can sit and relax in your swimsuit and enjoy a meal. Please note: the food is prepared in the hotel kitchen for lunch and BBQ orders to ensure that the pool area is always free of the smell of cooking.

Vacation with the children?

You can enjoy peace of mind whilst your children enjoy a variety of special entertainment activities: a separate kiddie pool, also heated, a lawn with play facilities, and adjacent to the pool – a playground equipped with new first-rate facilities that provide challenging sports activities with all the  “action” that children love ....

Disability awareness:

The Dan Hotel chain considers the disability awareness topic with utmost importance and invests considerable resources in designing and adapting hotels for guests with special needs. As in all areas of the hotel, the pool is equipped with a hydraulic lifting facility allowing handicapped guests to enjoy the pool.


 Maor concludes: “Now, after having finished the pool area renovations, I feel that the hotel can now be named The New Dan Carmel - every corner of the hotel has been changed. Everything has been redesigned and rebuilt.”
Additional advantages the hotel offers its guests, such as: breathtaking views from room balconies; location within walking distance of Haifa's tourist attractions; personal, uncompromising service; an elegant, spacious lobby; a new, modern gym and a variety of quality restaurants – making it without a doubt one of the leading hotels in Israel and the most prestigious hotel in the north of Israel.

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