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Visit the Best Attractions in Haifa

Haifa is the third largest city of Israel, with a population of over 270 thousand people. It is located on the Northern shoreline of Israel and is one of the most attractive touristic cities in the country. In Haifa you will find many fascinating attractions, touristic sites, social activities and of course magnificent beaches.

Haifa’s historical and religious sites
Since Haifa is a mixed city comprising different ethnic groups and different religions, you will find here some diverse and interesting historical and religious sites:

The Bahai Gardens – the most impressive of all the attractions in Haifa is the magnificent Bahai Gardens. A sacred place to the Bahai faith, the gardens are a beautiful sight, containing various flowers and trees, colors and shapes. Traveling in the gardens you will be able to get to know the mysterious Bahai faith and experience its main principles through the beauty of the garden.

Stella Maris Church – an impressive Christian Church that is located on the top of Mount Carmel, is one of the most important and beautiful Christian sites in the city and an attraction that should not be missed by any tourist.

Haifa’s beaches and hotels
When traveling in Haifa, find a day or two to enjoy it’s beautiful beaches and stay in its luxurious hotels.

Hotels – some of the best hotels in Haifa are Dan hotels, where you will be able to enjoy top service and most luxurious rooms. Dan Hotels in Haifa provides its visitors with great service and a most unforgettable experience.

Beaches – Haifa is a city with many great beaches. Most of the beaches are recognized beaches with professional life guards and public showers. The best beaches that you should visit are Hof Hacarmel beach, Bat Galim beach and the Zamir beach.
Haifa’s markets and museums
Another great Haifa attraction for tourists are its various museums and markets:

The Naval museum – in the naval museum you will learn about the history of the Israeli navy, through pictures, models and presentations. Haifa is the home of an important Navy Base, thus the history of the Israeli navy and the history of Haifa are closely intertwined.

The Japanese art museum – when entering this lovey museum, you leave Israel for a few hours and visit Japan. If you are interested in the Asian culture, the Japanese art museum will be of great interest to you, as it presents elements from the Japanese painting, sculpting and other cultural traits.

The Arabic market – if you want to feel the Arabic side of the city, you should visit the Arabic market place. It is a colorful market with exotic middle eastern goods and Falafel stands. When purchasing in the Arabic market, don’t forget to haggle with the sellers, as it is traditionally accepted.

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