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Beautiful Haifa - another kind of port city

One of the best places to visit in Israel is Haifa. The third largest city of Israel, Haifa is without a doubt the perfect place for tourism. A diverse city with a splendid view, numerous attractions and some of Israel’s loveliest beaches. When visiting Haifa it is impossible to stay indifferent to the mixture of elements and contrasts of this place. Haifa is an ancient port city that has flourished into a modern style, futuristic city with high tech centers and various industry areas, featuring sand beaches, forest covered areas and green hills; a variety of different religions and customs, representing perfect coexistence between Jews and Arabs, Muslims, Christians and believers of the Baha’i faith. All these features make Haifa one of the most diverse and unique cities in Israel.

Best attractions and sites in Haifa:

The Baha’i gardens –The beautiful Baha’i gardens, surrounding the Baha’i shrine are one of the main attractions in Haifa. Being the center of the Baha’i religion, Haifa is home to one of the most important shrines of this unique faith. Drawing form the three monotheistic religions, the Baha’i faith is a combination of Israel’s main religions. Representing the union and harmony, that is the most important principle of the Baha’i faith, the Baha’i gardens are an exquisite sight of beauty and colors, innumerous flowers, bushes and lowns. It is undoubtedly a must see site for all tourists visiting Israel.

The Beaches of Haifa – In Haifa you will find the most enjoyable beaches. Tourists from all over the world come to Haifa mainly to enjoy the lovely beaches of the city. Among the most popular and visited beaches are the Carmel beach, Kiryat Haim beach and of course the Bat Galim beach. You can enjoy the beautiful sea and the clean sand, sitting chairs and lifeguard booths. Along the promenade you will find countless restaurants and kiosks. Some of the beaches even provide special areas for yachting and marine sports. Most hotels in Haifa are located either on the shore line or close by. When booking a place in Haifa hotels, you are guaranteed to stay in walking distance from the sea and in comfortable location to reach any site or attraction in the city by public transportation. 

Haifa Museums - For lovers of art, knowledge and culture, Haifa provides a selection of fascinating museums, the most famous of which is the national Marine museum. The Marine museum of Haifa introduces the profound connection between the Jewish people and the sea, displaying thousands of years of marine history. Another popular museum is the City Museum of Haifa, displaying the history, culture and diversity of the city. If you enjoy art and the aesthetics of eastern art, it is highly recommended to pay a visit to the museum of Japanese Art, located on the Carmel mountain in Haifa.

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