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Travel to Haifa with Dan Hotels Israel

When you plan your next visit to Israel, it’s highly recommended that you spend a couple of days in Haifa. Haifa is a fascinating city and provides a true reflection of Israel’s mixture of religions and cultures, beaches and mountains, and much more.
The Port city of Haifa is the northern capital of Israel and whether you are on a leisure trip or on a business trip to Israel, make sure you can dedicate a day or two to explore the city and enjoy its sunny beaches.
In this article we would like to introduce some of the most unique and recommended sites in Haifa.

Accommodations - Dan Hotels in Haifa
Dan Hotels Israel, the leading Israeli hotel chain, is proud to invite you and your loved ones to one of its three Haifa hotels, all situated on the Carmel mountain with striking views of the city bay and the coastline. Check our hotel selection and great offers for online reservations at the Dan Carmel Haifa, Dan Panorama Haifa or Dan Gardens Haifa on our website.
The Dan Carmel Haifa Hotel
The Deluxe Dan Carmel Hotel is located just a few minutes walk away from the Carmel Center with its coffee shops, and various entertainment venues. Minutes away from the "Bahai World Center", high up on Mount Carmel, the Dan Carmel offers a wide range of elegant guest rooms, all of which offer magnificent views. The hotel also offers a full range of facilities for its business guests, including the special VIP King David Lounge on the 10th floor.
Other facilities you can enjoy are "Danyland" -a children’s club, a well-equipped fitness club and Spa center, a lobby lounge with a piano bar and much more.
The Dan Panorama Haifa Hotel
Contemporary in style and located at the heart of the Carmel center is the Dan Panorama hotel, close to the Dan Carmel hotel; directly linked to the fashionable Panorama mall. Standing twenty-one stories high above Mount Carmel, the Dan Panorama hotel is situated in a prime location and provides excellent facilities and business services, including the special VIP Carmel business lounge.
The Dan Gardens Haifa Hotel
Situated just a few minutes stroll from the beautiful and romantic Louis Promenade, the Dan Gardens hotel is an intimate bed and breakfast hotel. The hotel contains three conference rooms, a terrace with a coffee shop, a well equipped sauna and fitness center, and many more facilities. Comfortably budgeted with the highest standards of service, this hotel is an excellent choice for your next business or pleasure trip to Haifa.

Promenades in Haifa
Bat Galim Promenade runs along the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and provides a pleasant way to spend some time strolling around the coffee shops and restaurants to clear your mind and enjoy the surroundings. From Bat Galim promenade you can take the panoramic cable car up to the Stella Maris Monastery, a magnificent religious site described later on in the article.
The Louis Promenade, situated near the Dan Carmel Hotel was built in 1992 and runs along Yefe Nof Street, overlooking the Haifa bay area, giving a much broader view of the outer circle of Haifa, such as Rosh Hanikra, Mount Hermon and other magnificent places worth a visit. From the Louis Promenade you can reach the upper gate of the "Bahai World Center".

Holy Sites in Haifa
The Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa
The Bahai Shrine ("the Shrine of Bab") is situated at the heart of the Carmel slopes, surrounded by magnificent terraced gardens – the hanging gardens, which were inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 2008. Eighteen monumental terraced gardens connect the foot of the mountain with its crest, nine above and nine below the Shrine. They were built around the Shrine "…as a golden ring for a precious diamond…" in the words of the architect who designed them, Fariborz Sahba.
The German Colony
The German Colony, a thirty meter wide avenue planted with trees, is situated at the foot of the hanging gardens. The German Colony with its red tiled roofs was built by the members of the Order of the Templers. The founder of the order of the Templers was Christoph Hoffman, who arrived in Haifa in 1868.
It is recommended to spend a whole day is this area, and stop for an ethnic authentic lunch in the German Colony.
The Stella Maris Monastery
The Stella Maris Monastery was established in 1836, and is the largest and most important church in Haifa, which serves as the world center for Carmelites. The historic monastery included a medical center, a pharmacy, a pilgrimage inn, all operating in the framework of the original monastery.
The main hall is luxurious and resembles the shape of a cross; the ceiling is decorated by colorful paintings based on motifs from the Old and New Testaments. Latin inscriptions are written around the roofed dome and a statue of the Virgin Marry carrying Jesus on her knee is placed above the altar. Entrance is from the Stella Maris Road and is free of charge.

Museums in Haifa
Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art
The "Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art" on Mount Carmel was established in 1959 by Felix Tikotin. His vision was to introduce Japanese culture to Israelis in order to establish a closer relationship between the Israeli and Japanese nations.
This one-of-a-kind Museum, exhibits Japanese art work from the 17th century to modern day. The "Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art" collection consists of over 7,000 items of art and crafts including paintings, textiles and illustrated texts, ceramics and miniature carvings (netsuke), metal and even antique swords.
The Museum's library holds about 3,000 books and publications relating to Japanese art and culture.
National Maritime Museum
In 1953, Aryeh Ben Eli founded the National Maritime Museum in Haifa port based on his private collection.
The "National Maritime Museum" presents 5,000 years of marine history focusing on water bodies in the area: Mediterranean, Red Sea and the Nile. The fascinating exhibition is chronologically ordered and features many aspects of man living near the sea.
The Museum displays maritime archaeology and mythology, art and ancient coins, marine life, including a special section focusing on the nearby Mediterranean Sea, the ancient land of Israel and more. Don't miss the Museum's famous model ships.
Ha'apala (Clandestine Immigration) & Navy Museum
The museum is dedicated to revealing the struggle for the right to immigrate and the right to settle in Israel during the British Mandate in the years 1934-1948. A special wing tells the story of the Israeli Navy and contains models of ships, original exhibits, arms and weapons that were used in naval warfare. An astonishing submarine bridge retrieved from the water 3000 meters deep, is displayed in the Naval Museum today, and another submarine is exhibited there in full. Read more about the museum here.

Traveling in Haifa with Children
If you're in town with your children make sure you visit the X-Park, the largest and most breath-taking professional action park in Israel. This park is designed to challenge any age or ability level through a wide variety of facilities. Examples of some of these activities are: a climbing wall; a rope bridge park; a giant omega; paintball and skate park complex, and many other exciting activities. The extreme park is located in the congress area of Haifa. Take a look at some of the X-Park photos.
The Science & Technology Museum
Explore the basics of science and technology that have given us the privilege to live as comfortably as we do today! The museum contains over 400 exhibits, and covers topics such as sound waves and electric motors; visit the hall of mirrors, the visual illusions display and so much more.
The Haifa Zoo
Situated close to the Haifa Dan Hotels in is the Zoo. Rare live snakes, a museum of stuffed animals, botanical gardens and a huge variety of animals are all part of this lovely family experience.
This article includes some of the most interesting scenic, religious and cultural places in Haifa, where you can enjoy an unforgettable visit to Haifa with the Dan Hotels.
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