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Diving in the Gulf of Eilat (Gulf of Aqaba)

With three beautiful cities at its northern end, the Gulf of Eilat, also known as the Gulf of Aqaba, a large inlet of the Red Sea, has become one of the world’s most popular diving destinations. Diving tourists travel to Aqaba, in Jordan, Taba, in Egypt, and Eilat, in Israel to experience the deep, clear waters. More than 250,000 dives are performed yearly by locals and tourists on Israel’s section of the coastline alone, contributing to a significant percentage of the area’s total tourism revenue.
Beautiful weather endures the entire year on Israel’s southernmost city, with calm waters straight through its mild winters and pleasant summers. The water typically maintains a temperature of 19 Celsius (66 Fahrenheit) during the winter, and rarely rises above 26 C (79 F) during the summer season, attracting tourists in search of fabulous beach weather all times of the year.

Divers experience stunning views of breathtaking coral reefs through crystal clear water, the likes of which are unique to the exquisiteness of the Red Sea. The coral reef of Eilat is part of the celebrated coral reef of the Red Sea, distinguishing itself as the most northern coral reef in the world. Preserved by the ideal temperature of Eilat’s waters, the charming reef off the coast of Eilat benefits from optimal environmental conditions that have preserved it for a millennium.

Swim alongside the brilliant array of dazzlingly vibrant tropical fish that make marine life in Eilat one of the most diverse in the world. The incredible ecosystem of the Red Sea includes over 1,200 species of fish, a significant portion of which are unique to its waters. The magical opportunities available to divers include swimming with dolphins, providing the opportunity to meet them in their natural habitat. A worthy attraction by itself, the biodiversity of Eilat’s marine life contributes to an exceptional diving experience.

Eilat has become famous for its spectacular aquariums and beautiful underwater observatories. Each individual aquarium and observatory exhibits biodiversity from a particular depth of its coral reef, with panoramic views for the benefit of viewers. Nonetheless, these views pale in comparison to the stunning clarity in which divers experience Eilat’s marine life up close.

There are many options for novices and experienced divers alike, allowing for enjoyable and educational dives at all levels. Diving sites provide professional equipment while adhering to the highest standards of safety, contributing to comfortable dives flexible to each individual diver. Plenty of diving courses are available in Eilat which vary in time and intensity, providing great options for a wide range of ages and divers.  Whether this is your first or hundredth diving experience, the warm waters of Eilat’s diving sites will fulfill your greatest expectations. 

Eilat has established itself as a premier destination for shore-based diving. A tranquil landscape of magnificent granite mountains graces the background, further contributing to the heavenly aura of its serene coastline.

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