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Travel to Eilat with Dan Hotels Israel

On your next visit to Israel, it is highly recommended you visit Eilat - the most exciting city in southern Israel.
The sunny city of Eilat is very different from any other city in Israel. It is located at the northern tip of the Red Sea, as a part of the southern Negev Desert, adjacent to the Egyptian village of Taba to the south, and the Jordanian port city of Aqaba to the east.
Picture the stunning views of the blue Red Sea, combined with the overwhelming desert view all around the city, and you will know you are in the right place.

With Dan Hotels, the leading luxury hotel chain in Israel, you are guaranteed to make the most of your visit.
Weather in Eilat
Eilat is characterized as a desert city and being so the temperatures are high, with dry summers and almost rainless winters. Temperatures in Eilat often exceed 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer. Water temperatures are quite high all year round and vary between 20-26 degrees Celsius (52-78 degrees Fahrenheit).

Dan Hotels in Eilat
Dan Hotels Israel offers you a choice of two hotels in Eilat, the luxurious Dan Eilat and the deluxe Dan Panorama Eilat.
The Dan Eilat Hotel
Situated right on the striking Red Sea northern beach front, with magnificent architecture, warm pools, cascading waterfalls, exquisite cuisine and much more, the Dan Eilat hotel offers you and your loved ones a vacation in paradise. The hotel offers a wide range of facilities to match any age or taste, therefore you can rest assured that each member of your family will find his interests in the hotel's environment. Fancy a Turkish bath or a Finish Sauna? Need a babysitter for your kids? All these and more are available for you at the Dan Eilat hotel.
The Dan Panorama Eilat Hotel
The Dan Panorama Eilat hotel overlooks the quiet waters of Eilat's lagoon, a few minutes' walk from the relaxing North Beach, within easy access of the town's attractions, such as the lively seafront promenade. The hotel offers a choice of rooms or suites with private balconies, and executive or terrace rooms that provide free use of the Carmel VIP lounge.
For more information do not hesitate to visit our Dan Hotels official website and to find great offers for Eilat hotels online reservations.

Eilat – Traveling with Children
When spending time with your kids in Eilat, you are bound to enjoy the hotel's beach and swimming pools, various water sports such as snorkeling or speed boating. In addition there are many places to visit when traveling with children in Eilat. We will recommend a few locations for you and your family.

Kings City
Kings City is a biblical theme park in Eilat that was built in 2005 with a $40 million investment. The park resembles a king's palace with four sections, featuring a journey back to ancient Egypt, the Cave of Illusions, a cave with Bible scenes carved into the walls, and King Solomon's waterfalls, a boat ride through caves telling the story of King Solomon.

Dolphin's Reef – Eilat
A wonderful experience for you and your family is the dolphin's reef; a great opportunity to meet and observe the amazing Dolphin. The dolphin's reef is a unique and ecological site on the shores of the Red Sea, with its own secluded beach, where a group of bottle-nose dolphins and their babies maintain their daily routine of hunting, playing, socializing and more. The warm attitude towards the dolphins and their free will to visit and make contact with the people is what makes this location so special for you to visit. See more on the dolphin's reef site.

The observatory in Eilat – Stars' Safari
The observatory, called "What's Up", is a great location to visit with your kids or as a romantic gesture for your spouse. You will get a chance to tour the sky with the guide's help and by using laser pointers "touching the sky"; hear stories, legends and scientific explanations. Book your tour in the observatory for approximately 1.5 hours, here at the Eilat sky experience website.

The Underwater Observatory in Eilat
Discover the wonders of the Red Sea with the underwater observatory marine park in Eilat. The Red Sea is one of the most unique and interesting seas in the world, and in case you are not a scuba diver, this is the opportunity to enter the amazing world of the Red Sea. Look for sharks, turtles, stingrays, and other amazing fish in the aquariums. Be a part of the underwater world through the observatory experience.

Festivals in Eilat
Several festivals are held in the city of Eilat. When you plan your travel dates to Israel and Eilat, you might want to take into account these special events. At Dan Hotels we will be happy to assist and provide you with more details, and help you make your Dan hotel reservations accordingly.

The Eilat International Film Festival
This important and prestigious cultural event was established in 2003 and takes place annually for over 4 days each May, focusing on quality films around the world, Israeli premiers, and more. The festival hosts workshops, and a variety of actors and producers attend the event. Read more in the official Eilat film festival website.

The Eilat Spring Migration Festival
In springtime, the country of Israel serves as a "resting point" for many birds which migrate from Africa, after a very long journey of more than 3000 KM, to Europe and Asia. Eilat, being the northern border of this Sahara area, is a crucial spot for those birds.
This festival is a week-long event that includes day and night bird-watching tours to different sites in southern Israel and many more bird related activities. Established in 2007 this usually takes place in March and draws hundreds of birdwatchers worldwide as well asother nature lovers to enjoy the marvelous spring migration.

The Red Sea Jazz Festival
Established in 1987 this festival takes place annually in August, lasting for four days. The Red Sea Jazz Festival hosts world top jazz performers, young jazz artists and Israeli groups. During the four days of the festival, every evening usually features three different concerts in each of the halls. Intimate jazz clinics and poolside jam sessions are also part of the scene. If you are fond of jazz music, this is the place to be during the hot August summers of Eilat, Israel.
This concludes our top recommendations for things to do and places to see in Eilat, Israel. All of the above will provide you with a wonderful exciting vacation. Don’t forget to leave time for recreation and rest, for this as well is what Eilat is all about.

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