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Break out of your routine in Caesarea

Caesarea is a great city for tourism. When traveling in Israel, be sure to dedicate at least a few days to visiting Caesarea and its various attractions.  One of the most unique characteristics of Caesarea is its surprising polarity. On one hand it is an ancient city with various archeological sites, leading all the way back to the Roman Empire. On the other hand Caesarea is a lively city and a great place for the young visitors, including attractions such as sunny beaches, rich night life and many other fun places to visit.

Attractions for the young visitors

Here are some of Caesarea attractions suitable for the younger visitors:

Caesarea’s port – The port of Caesarea is not only a historical site but also a great place for the young tourists. At this place you can find many restaurants and pubs available during the days and the center of Caesarea’s night life.

Beaches of Caesarea – Caesarea is renowned for its beaches and its amazing sea. Some of the best and the most recommended beaches in Caesarea include Caesarea port beach and the aqueduct beach. Enjoy your summer vacation on one of the best beaches of Israel in Caesarea.

Caesarea’s hotels – It is not difficult to find good hotels in Caesarea. For many years the luxurious hotels in Caesarea provide the tourists with comfort and style. One of Dan hotel in Caesarea is without a doubt the best and the most adored hotels in Israel. If you wish to enjoy the city of Caesarea and spend a few nights in the city, Dan hotel is a suitable choice due it it’s high standard service, unique style and of course a perfect location by the beach.

 Amphitheater of Caesarea - The best way to break out of the routine is by going to a music concert.  The amphitheater of Caesarea is a very unique place. It is practically the most popular music hall in Israel and the majority of Israeli folk artists have performed at Caesarea’s Amphitheater. Check out for the approaching concerts during your stay and enjoy the music of local or foreign artists in Caesarea.

Archeological attractions in Caesarea
If you want to visit Archeological sites and learn about the ancient history of Israel, Caesarea is the perfect place to begin with. In Caesarea you can find a whole variety of archeological excavation sites and many other fascinating attractions. Among the best places to visit are: the aqueduct, the old city walls, the ancient harbor, ruins of the temple, amphitheater from the time of Herod and many more.

 Citizens of Caesarea
Caesarea is a famous city that receives many visitors and tourists. In Caesarea you will find people from all over the world and from various places in Israel. The local citizens of Caesarea are mostly high society people, enjoying their summer houses on the beaches of the city. Many residents of Caesarea are young citizens and young families. The fresh atmosphere and the young spirit of the city is noticed as you enter Caesarea and the main polarity between the old and the new is felt when you visit an ancient city with all its modern aspects of life.


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