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Things you didn’t know about Ashkelon

When traveling to Israel, there are some cities that are not to be missed. One of the most interesting and worth visiting places is the city of Ashkelon. Unfortunately not many people are familiar with this place and its hidden treasures. In this article you will discover things you didn’t know about Ashkelon and its touristic value.

Some of the best attractions in Ashkelon
Ashkelon is a developing touristic city and has many wonderful attractions for you to see. Here are some of the best Ashkelon attractions:

The national park of Ashkelon
the park is in fact an archeological site, presenting the history of Ashkelon.  As you walk through the green park, enjoying the lovely nature, you can learn about the history of Ashkelon since Bronze Age until this very day.
• Ashkelon Marina – One of the most beautiful places in the city. The Marina of Ashkelon is the perfect tourist attraction. You can take a walk on the Marina in the mornings on the specially designated walking tracks or come to the Marina by night and experience the lively night life of Ashkelon with many different restaurants and pubs, parties and dance clubs.

Hotels in Ashkelon
There are many hotels in Ashkelon and every tourist will be able to find a convenient, pleasant and relatively cheap accommodation without any problem. In Ashkelon you will find several international hotels, five star top quality hotels along with cheaper youth hostels.
The most famous hotels are definitely Dan hotels in Ashkelon.  Located not far from the national park of Ashkelon, Dan hotel provides the tourists with all their needs and desires. In Dan hotel you will enjoy luxurious rooms, a view to the sea, outstanding service and many more pleasant attractions.

Beaches of Ashkelon
Ashkelon is located on the shoreline of Israel. This means that you can find many lovely beaches along its western side. More than 12 kilometers of shore promise you some of Israel’s finest beaches. Only few minutes walking distance from the main hotels, Ashkelon beaches are the perfect place for a summer vacation.
Citizens of Ashkelon

The population in Ashkelon in recent years reached 125 thousand citizens. According to statistics most of the citizens are young citizens which proves that Ashkelon is in fact a young spirited city. The people of Ashkelon are warm hearted and friendly to tourists from all over the world. Visiting the lovely city of Ashkelon, you will surely get a taste of the famous Middle Eastern hospitality. In addition Ashkelon is a diverse city. You can find Ashkelon residents from many different backgrounds, cultures and countries. Be prepared to meet different kinds of people and enjoy multiple dishes from various cuisines.

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