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A grand culinary experience at the Dan Hotels

No vacation is truly great without superb culinary pleasures


At the Dan Hotels we know that when you dream of your next luxurious vacation, you envision gastronomic pleasures that will delight your taste buds and transport you to realms of ecstasy. We also know that your personal culinary heaven may be very different from that of your co-vacationers, such as your spouse, your friends and (especially) your children…

That is why great emphasis is placed on both the quality and variety of the food served at our hotels. The best chefs in the country are trained to the very highest Dan Hotels standards and given the very finest, freshest raw materials with which to work their magic. A combination of the unique tastes of Israel and the Middle East is blended with exquisite flavors imported from distant lands, devising rich menus that aim to meet every taste and preference – from excellent staple dishes that children love, to savory creations that will astound our most well-traveled connoisseur diners.

FYI: all dining rooms, cafes, bars and restaurants at the Dan Hotels are kosher!

Sumptuous breakfasts that keep you going all day

It has been well chronicled that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To our guests, an excellent breakfast is the opening note announcing a new exciting day, while providing essential fuel for many hours of fun and adventure.

Fully meeting your most delicious expectations, breakfasts at the Dan Hotels are rich, nutritious and delectable. When you step into our dining rooms in the morning, you'll find buffet after buffet of mouthwatering offerings – an almost mind-boggling variety of salads, dairy delights, freshly baked breads and pastries, eggs made in every way imaginable, fish delicacies and much more… Indeed, breakfast at the Dan Hotels is the delightful way to start a delightful day!

The richest buffets: breakfast at Dan Eilat


Every morning guests of the Dan Eilat find literally hundreds of different food items on the breakfast buffets, catering to absolutely every wish, dream or need. In fact, to taste everything on this amazing breakfast menu you'd probably have to stay with us for months… And if, by some unlikely chance your dream dish is not being served – just ask and one of our senior chefs will make it especially for you.

Breakfast favorites: endive salad; celery & plum salad; artichoke, apricot, green & black lentil salad with herbs; 6 different types of olives; freshly made tiramisu & cheese cake; 12 different herbal teas; coffee with regular, soy, low-fat or low-lactose milk; yogurt-based ice cream; home-made jams; gravad lax; shakshuka-style eggs; pizza prepared on the spot, Tunisian sandwich in crispy bread… and this is only the beginning!

Chef Ofir Kedem: "Our goal is to exceed every expectation: to serve our guests everything they could possibly think or dream of – and so much more!"

Great menus for kids


When you're on a family vacation, your children's happiness always comes first... Understanding this, our chefs give very special thought to the Dans' younger guests, forever cooking up surprises they are sure to love. So, at every meal, your hungry youngsters will find the accessible low buffets we have designed especially for them, loaded with healthful and tasty treats waiting to be devoured.

Kids' cuisine: a vast culinary variety for children at Dan Eilat

The youngest guests of the Dan Eilat enjoy a rich selection of dishes that is quite unusual in the realm of kids' menus. Plus, Mom & Dad will be delighted to discover that the chefs have done their best to avoid fried foods, placing special emphasis on healthy recipes - and the kids just love them!

Children's choices: hotdogs in puff pastry; Israeli couscous (ptitim) with green lentils; meatballs with green lentils; ice cream at every meal – served with a choice of chocolate flakes, raisins & waffles; gluten-free pancakes, cornflakes & pizzas

Chef Ofir Kedem: "Children are very important guests, and like all Dan guests, they deserve the very best. Catering to their special tastes we strive to provide visiting youngsters with a unique culinary experience."

Special menus for special guests


The Dans' Food & Beverage staffs cater to every special health need or preference presented by our guests. Sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-based, vegan and vegetarian delicacies can be found at every hotel, and at your request our kitchens and bakeries will go out of their way to meet specific personal requests. All you have to do is tell us about your special need when you make your reservation, and we'll be ready for you with personally tailored culinary delights when you arrive.

Your wish is our command:

Dan Eilat responds to every dietary request

A vacation at Dan Eilat is also a vacation from the burden of dietary restrictions. The hotel's chefs make it their business to prepare gluten-free and sugar-free versions of every favorite food, making life so simple and enjoyable! An enormous range of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes is also on offer, meeting the very latest trends on the global culinary scene.

Popular specialties: gluten-free cornflakes, pancakes, pizzas & bread; French fries fried in gluten-free oil; gluten-free schnitzel; sugar-free cakes & pastries; a range of vegan delicacies based on rice noodles, bean noodles & lentils

Chef Ofir Kedem: "When guests inform us of their special dietary needs or preferences, we make sure they get everything they’ve asked for. A special chef is appointed to prepare their meals personally, throughout their
 stay, to their full satisfaction."


Delicious snacks – anytime, anywhere

Extra delights for everyone can be found in all our public areas: the lobby restaurants offer excellent dairy menus, including delicious pizzas and pasta, as well as excellent coffee and pastries; while poolside snack bars present a wonderful selection of daytime foods, such as juicy hamburgers, hotdogs and fries – just what you need to sustain your family's energy and good spirits.

Sweets & treats: chocolate specialties & baked delicacies at Dan Accadia


Dan Acadia in Herzliya has perfected its sweet offerings, with a special in-house bakery producing fresh breads and delectable pastries, a dedicated department creating a range of top-of-the-line desserts, both novel and classical, and a professional chocolatier who concocts the most mouthwatering chocolate delights.

Special treats: Ferrero Rocher dessert – nougat, cocoa butter, chocolate & hazelnuts; Tropical Tapioca – tapioca, coconut milk, coconut streusel & coconut panna cotta, purees of mango, pineapple & passion fruit; rich chocolate dessert – chocolate mousse, chocolate jelly, chocolate streusel, sugared hazelnuts & sugared popcorn, topped with mango sauce; Pavlova – crusty on the outside and creamy on the inside, made with vanilla cream & tropical fruits

Chef Arik Porat: "Our unique pastry and chocolate divisions give us a significant edge in a highly competitive environment. To maintain this advantage, we constantly search for new ideas and develop novel treats to our guests' delight."

Unforgettable dinners – a wealth of flavors & colors

Dan dinners are certainly something to look forward to – a foremost pleasure in your upcoming vacation. This is where our diligent chefs truly show their astounding skills and boundless creativity, making sure every evening meal is a bottomless pot of savory surprises!

It is on the long, colorful buffets that exotic cuisines from distant lands vie for your attention, alongside mouthwatering regional favorites from Israeli or other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern kitchens. You are welcome to fill your plate from steaming pots bubbling with our gourmet specialties, watch quality meats and fresh fish grilled right there before your eyes, or, if your prefer, take your pick from the very rich selection we have prepared for our vegan and vegetarian guests.

Special Dan Dinner: Shabbat at Dan Tel Aviv

Guests from hotels all over Tel Aviv flock to the Dan Tel Aviv every Friday evening for a truly unique and unforgettable Shabbat meal. The rich buffet offers a vast selection of classical Jewish delights, coming from the traditional kitchens of North Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and more. This festive banquet is topped off with sweet pleasures from the great dessert capitals of Europe, like Paris, Rome and Vienna.

Delicious dishes: beet kube from Iraq; couscous & fish chraime from North Africa; liver pâté & gefilte fish from Eastern Europe; roasted chicken in sea salt; confit de canard; prime rib; and even grandma's traditional chicken soup

Chef Oved Alfia: "For Shabbat we prepare a meal that brings back the flavors and aromas of our grandmothers' kitchens. Many people today have lost these old recipes, or are just too busy to cook them. We are here to reawaken memories of a distant childhood…"

Signature restaurants – the gourmet experience


When you're looking for a superb culinary experience that is truly one-of-a-kind, the Dan Hotels' signature restaurants are the place for you. At each of our top hotels you will find a chef's restaurant with an original, unprecedented concept of its own, and magical flavors to match.

The King David's La Regence will serve you avant-garde Israeli cuisine, with flavors heightened by breathtaking views of the Old City of Jerusalem; Accad at the Dan Accadia offers innovative seasonal dishes that are close to nature and close to the sea; HaYarkon 99 at Dan Tel Aviv uses the finest local ingredients to create astonishing culinary wonders; and Dan Eilat's HaBustan serves some of the best Middle Eastern meat dishes you've ever tasted!

Special signature restaurant: La Regence at the King David

At La Regence everything is wholly natural. With seasonal menus changing four times a year, Chef Dudu Biton creates unrivaled culinary masterpieces using only the freshest, finest ingredients, seven different types of olive oil, and no artificial seasoning whatsoever.

Signature dishes: tomato 'leather' filled with sea fish salad & tomato granite; roasted duck black garlic cannelloni; potato blini with green vegetables; Israeli trout escabeche and smoked salmon; and a special favorite: a 12-course tasting menu

Chef Dudu Biton: "We use only fresh local products, including fish and meat, fruits and vegetables, to create unique flavors that are strong but completely natural."


Dining at the Dans – a gastronomic revelation

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Isabelle B Stayed May 2014

“Absolutely a must,
a real palace with great service and a splendid location”

We checked in for one night in this mythic hotel, booked one of the best rooms with a city view and got upgraded, loved it. Beautiful suite, with a balcony over the garden, incredible view on the old city, fantastic bathrooms, steam room in the shower, TV sets in mirrors..
Best service ever, a real palace.
Delicious lunch in the beautiful garden, the swimming pool is a great treat after a day visiting the old city (you just walk there, it is so close ! ) wonderful diner in the restaurant, great French cuisine, everything is just perfect there !
travelled as a couple

Natalie Z Stayed June 2014

“Best hotel for families with children”

We visited the hotel for 4 nights. The service was the best, food is great, and they have a special service which you can order room service of meals for baby's ( soup, chicken, rice, fruits - mashed or sliced, yogurt, etc) whenever you want during the day, free of charge!! For families with small children- this is great!!
The rooms are big and clean, and location is great !
The best hotel in Eilat!
travelled with family


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