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6 Apr 2011

Culinary bloggers at Dan Accadia

Culinary Blogers During the past few years, several breakthrough developments took place in the culinary arts worldwide and in Israel in particular, and innovation is the name of the game.
The Dan Hotels Israel has an active role in this development.
the Dan Accadia hotel hosted an evening of "culinary bloggers" that was led by Arik Porat, the hotel chef, describing the progression of cooking in the hotel industry, the use of innovative ingredients (some by Israeli development) and the need to serve traditional meals in a new way. Or as we tagged it: "from gefilte fish – to the farmers market."
The chef explained that the main changes taking place in the current development is the use of only organic ingredients, special vegetables, choice cuts of meats and more.
The bloggers took an active part in the event and prepared a number of courses.

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