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18 Feb 2010

'Back to Classics Plus' Competition at Dan Hotels

'Back to Classics Plus' Competition at Dan Hotels The competition begins next week in 3 heats:
A competition in the Dan Hotels kitchens between professional teams.
A return to well-known and loved classic international recipes, with the intention of putting them back on the menus of the Chain hotels. Each hotel will select a team to represent them, and no more than 2 chefs will work at
any one time.
Times and places:
Heat 1: 22.02.2010 at Dan Accadia
Heat 2: 23.02.2010 at Dan Panorama Tel Aviv
Final and announcement of winners: 02.02.2010 at King David Jerusalem
The judging panel will consist of 4 judges in each heat. The final will be chaired by Mr. Danny Gillerman, and all 8 judges as well as Mr. Gillerman will preside. Allocation of scores: 75% of the score will be awarded to classic recipes and 25% to modern innovative recipes.
petition winners: The hotel receiving the highest score will be announced as the main winner.
Outstanding course: A 'course chef' will be chosen for each of the 10 courses – the winner will be the chef/s receiving the highest score of all the competitors in that particular course.
The classic courses in the competition will be: Curried chicken, Bouillabaisse, Pizza margarita, Club sandwich, Caesar salad, Tart tatin, Crème brulee, Ossobuco, Russian coulibiac, Risotto a l'italienne

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