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20 Sep 2011

"HOLLYWOOD" at the Dan Tel Aviv

SPENCER TUNICK The famous photographer, Spencer Tunick is staying at the Dan Tel Aviv along with many members of his team. This is his second visit at the hotel.
Mr. Tunick is well known throughout the world for his unique photographs the combine thousands of nude people in an urban or nature setting and who are documented by Tunick in a series of still and video photography.
Mr. Tunick arrived in Israel for a photo shoot of 1000 volunteers at the Dead Sea. The project is intended to create international awareness to the drying up of the Dead Sea and also in hopes to persuade the selection committee to pick the Dead Sea as one of the next 7 Wonders of the World and to focus international awareness to the area.
At the same time, 4 leading members of Hollywood are also staying at the hotel and headed by Oscar winning director / producer, Edward Zwick, who directed "Legends of the Fall," "The Last Samurai", "Blood Diamond" and more as well as David Rubin, Executive Vice President at CBS network.
They are in Israel scouting for locations for a new movie that will be filmed in Israel in the near future.

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