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Tel Aviv: A city with a drive for more

Many mistake this city for the country’s capital, but even though it isn’t, it sure feel like it sometimes. The city of Tel Aviv is known globally for being one of the largest Party and Leisure town, full of delights and adventures. The city offers the best of all worlds – Great weather almost year round, Great location in the middle of the country, Award winning restaurants, Clubs that stay open until the last clubber is ready to leave and an atmosphere that one cannot truly be explained until you visit.

Driving through Tel-Aviv Boardwalk
Some say it similar to Miami Beach, some compare it to French luxurious beaches, but Tel-Aviv beach is truly one of a kind. Did you know? It is NOT rare to have great beach weather even in December!
The city of Tel Aviv is called “Non-Stop City” and that’s how you must live it up – nonstop! One downfall we can mention with visiting Israel is the lack of public transportation available in weekends, which makes our experience a bit less “Non-Stop” than we hoped. No Public Transportation in the weekend is the status quo in the country and it won’t be changed anytime soon. This is one of the main reasons why we believe a Rental Car in Tel Aviv is the best option to consider while visiting Israel. It will allow you to keep feeling spontaneous and feeling the vibe of the city without dealing with locating a taxi, paying high cab rates, and dealing with the Israeli cab drivers and the foreign language. Simply own your freedom, a freedom that comes in the shape of four wheels and a steering wheel. Go where you go, whenever you want – the city is relatively small (Still the largest in Israel) and has many different areas you can visit in one weekend. Also, the whole country is small - having a car will allow you to take advantage of the mobility to visit other spots in Israel. Jerusalem is only an hour drive away and a drive to Haifa will take an Hour and a Half!

Driven to Luxury and Comfort
Tel Aviv has many fabulous dining, wining, shopping and venturing options for you to enjoy. Don’t step it down, rent a car and match you ride to your vacation to enjoy your time to the fullest. With our list of Add-ons on Shlomo sixt car rental in Israel website you can customize your experience. Our Add-ons include but are not limited to: your own GPS, Wi-Fi Hot-Spot or an extra driver for extra comfort. Enjoy our ride and drive safe!


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