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The environment

The Dan Hotels is committed to helping preserve the environment and protect our natural resources, and we encourage our employees and guests to do so as well. We also encourage out trade partners to do the same.

Here are some of the initiatives we are working on in the Company’s long-term commitment:

✿Most of our properties are equipped with isolated windows that increase thermal efficiency to enable us to diminish our carbon dioxide emission, by reducing the amount of electric consumption used for cooling or heating our properties.

✿Wherever possible we are changing all our incandescent lamps into LED, Neon lamps or Fluorescent bulbs.

✿In the last 3 years, the Dan Hotels has invested over 1.5 million USD in heat recovery systems at the Dan Caesarea, King David, Dan Panorama Tel Aviv and Dan Panorama Haifa. And we will keep on adding these systems to our other properties. The heat recovery systems enable us to use the energy that is emitted from the air conditioning systems to heat our swimming pools and much more, this is a pure energy saving system as in the past this energy was lost and other energy was invested to heat the swimming pools and other facilities, in this way the heat recovery systems provide double savings.

✿As we convert to heat recovery systems we are also reducing water consumption, as other systems use a water cooling tower for cooling, and instead the heat recovery systems transfer the energy to another facility (such as swimming pools).

✿Dan Hotels has invested millions of dollars in the past few years in introducing at all hotels equilibrium pools that save both energy and water. The equilibrium pools are buried underground and collect the overflowing water from the swimming pools when people enter. This enables us to filter the water with minimum waste and also as the water is already heated we don’t waste energy to reheat new water. Another advantage is that as we cut down the amount of new water in the swimming pool we also reduce the amount of chlorine that is used.

✿We are converting some of our cooling systems from water cooling towers to air cooling systems. This change helps us to reduce the amount of water waste.

✿Our hotels have agreements with local dealers that frequently collect glass bottles from our properties for recycling.

✿The Dan Hotels also encourages eco-friendly suppliers by making this issue a significant in our decision making process.

✿We are also working on a program to encourage our guests to take part in our efforts to preserve natural resources without interfering with their hospitality experience.


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